Wagmo Case Study

Wagmo Branding & Logo

Wagmo is a monthly wellness plan that reimburses Wagmo members for routine care services that keep dogs healthy and happy. We helped the company in digital transformation by building a custom website and a platform to help customers claim reimbursements and manage their accounts.

“Wagmo has received funding from Harvard Innovation Lab and was a finalist at Mass Challenge 2018. At present, Wagmo has multiple customers from the US and has raised another seed round of 100K USD.”

Wagmo Homepage

Product Development Cycle

Wagmo’s project was developed in a period of four months. Sherry Technologies believes in Agile methodologies for software development and the client was kept involved in the development process throughout.

The focus was on ensuring that the client’s needs are fully satisfied and best results are delivered in the most effective and efficient ways.

A look at the features

Front end Design: The entire design was prototyped on Invision and developed on leading front-end technologies including Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Angular and Javascript.

Homepage of the Website
Blog Section

Admin Portal: Developed the portal for entire backend management of services & customers. The admin portal allows the Wagmo team to manage all the orders, newsletters, claims, promo codes and more easily. The admin portal offers basic CRUD features along with other filters.

Admin Dashboard

Customer Portal: The portal for customers was made to enable customers to upgrade their plans, view balance, claim reimbursements, buy more plans, auto renew and pay for plans, seek for support request etc.

Customer Dashboard
Customer Dashboard Example (Claims Page)
Claim Processing Page

Logos and Icons: The logo and icons that bring the aesthetic feel to the web design.

Stripe Integration : We integrated Stripe which is one of the leading Payment Gateways in the industry and integrated the auto renewal API to enable customers renew their insurance without worrying about deadlines.

Robust Management System

The backend of Wagmo has been built with ease-of-use at its core. We made sure that their office staff could make changes to the website as quickly and easily as possible. The Stripe API allowed the client to track payments and analytics for the same. The platform was also integrated with Google Analytics which is an industry standard for traffic reporting.

Stripe Dashboard

The backend and front end was built on HTML 5, Django and PHP all of which is hosted on a secure AWS Infrastructure.

Client Testimonial