Keto Diet | Day 29 | I should buy only what I need

Weight: 60.9 KG

Target Weight: 57 KG

Waist: 82 cm

Mood: 3

Forgot to hit publish last night!

Keto strips test says I am in ketosis. Although I am looking forward to returning to having a balanced diet, where I can have fruit in my salad, I am concerned about the amount of cheese I have in my fridge. Word of advice, if you decide to try the keto diet, then maybe buy cheese that is enough for a few days or maybe a week. I got super excited and then there were offers in the supermarket that I recently discovered. I bought a lot of cheese, and now I have a lot of cheese.

Menu for the day.


  • Strawberry smoothie with Almond milk and cream


  • Salted pistachios


  • Baked seabass
  • Broccoli


  • Leftover Stir-fried eggplant with shrimps and cheddar cheese.


  • Cheesecake, but I actually had it before dinner.

Good Night.