Ella Rock Peak, Sri Lanka 2016

There are times when you think you can’t do something. You will think they are more capable than me, they are smarter than me, and they are more fit than me.

While that might be true, it doesn’t mean you are not capable enough to do what you put your mind into. The main reason those “others” seem to be doing some things more at ease than you, is that they have tried harder than you. They didn’t give up before trying. They certainly didn’t give up while trying. They tried until they reached to whatever it is they were looking for.

When you start trying, before you start, you doubt if you can do it. Along the way, you doubt whether you can continue. You don’t want to look upwards to see how much is left, but you look anyways. You don’t want to look downwards to see how far you have reached, but you look anyways. You are surprised of how much you have accomplished. Right at this moment, you just want to focus on this specific step. With each step you take, it takes you a bit higher, until you reach the top. And when you reach there, there is no better feeling and you still can’t believe it. You have reached the top.

On top of Ella Rock, Sri Lanka 2016

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