Interview: Kathey Carreiro

This interview is a supporting my book ‘She’s Building a Robot’.

I’ve worked with some amazing women in tech throughout my career. Kathey is one of the best. Here is why;

Below is an interview Kathey did for me about her life in tech.

Thanks Kathey — you rock!

1. Tell me how you first got interested in technology? How old were you and what kicked it off?

When I was in high school, so about 16 years old, I took a class where we learned the programming language called BASIC ( I loved that class! So when it came time to pick a major in college, I chose Computer Science.

2. Have you ever faced challenges as a woman in tech and how did you overcome them?

In my computer science classes in college, and throughout my career working at many different companies, there’s always been about an 80/20 ratio of men to women. That didn’t intimidate me; it’s just the reality. I’m a very direct, some say blunt, person and I’m not sure if I’ve always been that way so working with mostly men (who usually have a more direct communication style than women) was a good fit for me, or if working with mostly men for so long has made me more direct and blunt. :-) But whatever the reason, I’ve found being direct and honest has served me well in this field. I”m much better at dealing with facts and objective decisions than dealing with feelings and subjective choices.

3. What is your favourite thing about working in tech?

I love coding! The perfect work day for me is getting to code for 8 hours straight (no meetings). :-) I’m an applications programmer which means the code I write directly determines what is seen on the screen. I like the instant gratification of writing a few lines of code, running the program, and seeing the results right there. I enjoy providing functionality for people that’s intuitive and easy-to-use.

4. What is the one tip you’d give a teenage girl thinking about a career in tech?

The one tip I’d give to a teenage girl thinking about a career in tech is to keep thinking about it. :-) There are so many different types of tech jobs, not just programming. Tech jobs pay well, and since technology is constantly changing, the opportunities to keep learning and stay challenged are never-ending. If you’re at all interested in tech things, go for it!

This interview is a supporting my book ‘She’s Building a Robot’.



These are real stories of real women from around the world. The goal is to inspire girls and young women to get excited about technology and is in support of the book

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