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Founders unite to solve the funding gap for underserved founders with HER: humanity, empathy and responsibility.


Maximizing Impact Together .Live Across World-Changing Ecosystems. Fostering a more sustainable option for undeserved communities world-wide to connect & grow together to maximize impact for ALL with Humanity + Empathy + Responsibility. The HER Ecosystem is a coalition between many world changing ecosystems with a shared set of cooperative human values.

Currently there’s no shortage of startup ecosystem programs, lists and organizations offering founders deals and promises of potentially getting funding. Who is vetting these claims? Who’s updating these lists? I find regularly many of the online resources are more often mislabeled and/or not updated. This leaves a messy google result or excel spreadsheet for founders to sort through.

Time is money especially for early stage founders’ runways. Where do they go to decide what’s next for their startup? They ask fellow founders who have recently gone through it themselves or that they know and trust their advice.

Our startup generation (Oregon Trail, Millenials, Gen Z) are saying no to the winner takes all mentality and “bro culture” of the startup world. We are seeing the world coming together to fix the most challenging problems for generations to come. It’s not just about a quick flip and fighting each other at pitch events. It’s about cooperation with fellow allies across the ecosystem who have shared values and goals. We are all stronger together and we all have unique super peers that makes us all valuable to society as a whole. The world needs ALL of us to succeed together. There’s room for everyone at the table we just need to make the table bigger.

We set out to do the impossible and it’s working! We’re fostering a new “founders first” ecosystem rooted with mission aligned knowledge and resources. Vetted by the founders themselves and shared .Live in real time on the app. This way the most relevant knowledge, collaboration, diligence, and shared opportunities for ALL can be accessed easily by the founder .Live. Saving everyone time and money to grow their businesses smarter together.

Claire Shorall CEO Topknot Joins HER Ecosystem WeTransacts

I sat down with to talk with Claire Shorall the founder of the the Topknot. Claire came from the VC world and understands the nuances of raising. She paying it forward to fellow founders actively fundraising with her own #RealRaise story.

We’re honored to have Topknot as an Ally in our HER Ecosystem and are looking forward to all the shared success stories to come for ALL of us! I’m grateful for her taking the time to welcome HER founders to Topknot. The community has so much to offer and registration is FREE.

This month Topknot is offering FREE unlimited Self Improvement Month access.

If you would like to invest in our #HERchangers you can request more information via our .Live Stacks here.

Join the #RealRaise Circle for founders actively fundraising here.

At SheTransacts, we’re manufacturing serendipity to attract better alignments between founders and investors across the startup ecosystem.

Our REAL TIME continuous due diligence, recommendations and collaboration tool is available whenever you may need or want to implement and scale your world changing company.



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