Introducing Shield Vault: the Next-generation Yields Booster

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3 min readJun 9, 2022


Calling fellow Shielders!

Today we are launching our new Web3 structured product launchpad — Shield Vault, with a brand new homepage, an upgraded interface and a renovated Gitbook.

What is Shield Vault?

Shield Vault is a launchpad that provides professional structured products utilizing option strategies where protocols and marker makers can issue permissionless on-chain structured products.

Shield Vault launchpad allows the projects to strengthen community confidence in a bearish market cost-effectively and enables token holders to restore vitality with a new staking scenario.

Depending on the types of assets and options strategies, we will launch a series of Shield Vault in the upcoming months. Our dev team and marketing team have been working incessantly to deliver the best product. Follow our Twitter and stay tuned!

What is SS-Vault?

Today we are proud to present SS-Vault. It is an innovative single-side staking vault that enables vault issuers to permissionless customize on-chain covered call strategies to improve users’ risk-return profile.

Every SS-Vault is issued by a particular protocol and runs a tailored covered call strategy that helps to restore HODLer confidence with a new staking scenario.

The vault is designed to save users from having to understand complex derivative concepts. Users can just “deposit” their assets in a safe deposit box, and the vault will automatically deploy the fund, run the options strategy and start yielding.

Since vault issuers will be setting the parameters for each vault, they now have a secondary liquidity management toolkit that is target-price relevant, which is more cost-efficient for vault issuers. This in turn will translate into a natural incentive to keep the projects going and potentially token price raise in the future.

Why do we need SS-Vault?

SS-Vault designed with a covered call option is a reformed version of traditional single-side staking with a manageable cost for vault issuers. For users, they are essentially trading in the unlikely upside gain of the token price in exchange for stable yields, which is a more realistic goal under current market conditions. These combined will result in less dumping pressure and break the death spiral expectation brought by traditional single-sided staking, benefiting both the community and projects.

It is a great tool, particularly in this bearish market, for projects and token holders, to weather the market storm together.

Our Goal

Shield Protocol is the crypto-native solution to on-chain derivatives trading as well as a one-stop-shop for Web3 structured products.

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Shield Official
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