A Tour of the New BitBox Desktop App

Here is a quick overview of the features available to you with the new BitBox Desktop App v4.0.0 or higher. Simply download the app and insert your BitBox hardware wallet into a USB port and enter your PIN. The app is supported on Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

Send / Receive coins


  • Send or receive coins to/from 5 native accounts. Check your balances and transaction history:
  • Bitcoin Segwit
  • Bitcoin Native Segwit (Bech32)
  • Bitcoin Legacy
  • Litecoin (Bech32)
  • Litecoin Legacy
  • Send or receive ETH, ETC, ERC20 tokens and Viacoin using external websites e.g. www.myetherwallet.com (instructions here: shiftcrypto.ch/ethereum (Use Chrome or Opera).
  • Learn more about the BitBox via the guide visible on the right side of each screen.

Receive coins

Clicking on “Receive” lets you generate addresses to receive coins.

It is strongly recommended to use the mobile app (macOS or Android) to securely verify that the displayed address is correct.

Send coins

Clicking on “Send” lets you create a transaction to spend your coins. See real-time Fiat conversion in 8 major currencies.

Confirm transactions

Hold the touch button to approve the transaction.

Use the mobile app to securely verify that the transaction details are correct.


Manage your account settings here: select your preferred fiat display currency, select visibility of active accounts, enable coin control or connect your own full node (to be described in an upcoming blog post).

Manage device

Manage backups, change device password, create a hidden wallet, pair with mobile app, enable 2FA or reset your BitBox.

Explore all the features of the BitBox on Testnet!

Do you want to explore the advanced features of the BitBox, but prefer not to test features with your own bitcoin? Use Testnet instead!