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Aug 13 · 3 min read

You can now pre-order two BitBox02 hardware wallet editions, each at a 10% discount here. The discount is valid until our expected shipping date in September 2019.

Thank you to our existing BitBox01 (aka Digital Bitbox) users around the globe. Your great feedback helped us to design and build the BitBox02 from the ground up. Thank you also to our BitBox02 beta users for helping us polish the user experience. With internal testing, community feedback, and a series of external security audits, we are ready to start producing our latest Swiss made hardware wallet.

We’ll be posting more on how we developed the BitBox02, the results of our beta program, and feedback from our original BitBox01 users. But for now…

Why two?

Our long-term mission is to create an ecosystem of open-source hardware and software products that equip you for financial independence. The BitBox02 and the BitBox02 Bitcoin only edition provide the security you need, your foundation. The physical keys to your digital world.

So, we’re giving you the choice to maximize your crypto options or further minimize the attack surface when hodling only Bitcoin.

BitBox02. The BitBox02 supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. You can also use it as a universal second factor authenticator (FIDO-compliant U2F) to securely log into many websites.

BitBox02 Bitcoin only edition. Here at Shift quite a few of us are pretty deep into Bitcoin. One of our founders contributes to and helps maintain the Bitcoin Core project. So we’ve had an internal push for a bitcoin only hardware wallet for a number of years. When we asked our community what they thought, the answer was a resounding yes.

What did we keep?

You still independently generate and securely store your private keys for your coins using the BitBox02.

We’ve kept the portable form factor, discrete appearance, and popular microSD card system for instant and painless setup, backup, and recovery.

A dual-chip approach allows the use of a secure chip for device hardening and, importantly, a general microcontroller for keeping the software open source and verifiable, as in all of our products.

All BitBox hardware wallets work with our native BitBox App, the control center that makes everything easy to use.

So what’s new?

We embedded a relatively large but discreet OLED display into the BitBox02. Some beta users said they hardly noticed it when the wallet is off. Use the easy to read screen to verify, confirm, sign.

Navigate the BitBox02 with invisible touch sensors and 3 simple gestures ‘tap, slide, hold’. Inspired by the BitBox01, the “hold” gesture ensures you won’t make any accidental transactions.

We decided on a USB-C connector that plugs directly into your computer, which means that the BitBox02 hardware is mobile ready. The Android app will follow soon. In the box are a USB-C to USB-A adaptor and an extension cable for any computing setup.

In addition to the microSD card backup, you can optionally display the standardized BIP-39 mnemonic seed to copy a backup to paper and maintain compatibility with other wallets.

We welcome you to join us.

Douglas, Jonas and the Shift Team


BitBox - Swiss Made Crypto Hardware

Shift Cryptosecurity

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Our aim is to equip you for independence, with ease, in the digital world.


BitBox - Swiss Made Crypto Hardware

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