Attention BitBox owners! The new BitBox desktop app is now available for download. It brings a new set of powerful features to the BitBox hardware wallet including Segwit and native Litecoin support, and the option to display coin value in 8 major fiat currencies. The app is easy to use, while incorporating enterprise-grade security features you have come to expect from Shift Cryptosecurity. Advanced features include full node integration and coin control.

The new desktop app is available for download on our website.

What’s new?

Segwit support for Bitcoin and Litecoin

In addition to legacy address support, you can now send and receive coins with a native Segwit wallet. This features the Bech32 address format; here is a list of currently supported services.

This is the Bech32 wallet, it offers the lowest fees compared to other address formats.

Using Segwit addresses means lower transaction fees and reduced costs for the sender.

Simple, intuitive design

The new layout is simple and easy to use. All the device management and settings are in one convenient location. Learning the new interface is easy as a dynamic guide accompanies you every step of the way. Advanced features for pro users include Coin Control and Fullnode support for privacy enhancement.

For beginners, advanced features can be hidden so they don’t intrude on the interface, but we encourage you to explore and educate yourself if you are interested to learn about all the capabilities the BitBox has to offer. Watch this space, we will be posting new information on this in the coming weeks.

Litecoin native support

After Bitcoin, Litecoin is the second coin to be supported natively within the app. For other coins you can still use the BitBox with third party applications (e.g. ETH, ETC, Viacoin, ERC20 tokens). We will be adding more native support for these in upcoming releases.

Dynamic feature guide

To help you learn about the features of the BitBox, we have added a Feature Guide on the right-hand side of the interface which provides you with targeted information to save you time, as well as inform you about important cryptocurrency topics.

All new features

  • Native Desktop Application OSX, Windows and Linux binaries
  • Improved, easy-to-use interface
  • Segwit and Native Segwit Wallets
  • Native Litecoin support
  • Option to display coin value in 8 major fiat currencies
  • Dynamic guide to educate and help you discover new features
  • Coin control
  • Full node integration

We plan to do frequent releases with new features so there’s lots to look forward to. Here is a glimpse of a few new features on our roadmap:

  • Ethereum and ERC20 token native support
  • Security improvements
  • Multi-sig support

If you would like to become a BitBox beta tester, send an email to with the subject line “Sign me up as a Shift Labs beta tester”.


BitBox - Swiss Made Crypto Hardware

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BitBox - Swiss Made Crypto Hardware

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