How ShikhbeShobai was born!

We cannot stop ourselves from writing this, for last few days, we have seen a lot of confusion and miscommunication through social media, specially Facebook. Yes, the confusion began from the time when 11 (actually 14) core members left CodersTrust at a time with proper resignation. It’s sad but true and very obvious that these 11 members were the foundation on which the strength and reputation of CT stood.

These 11 members includes the core, who were the very fast employees of Coderstrust, who started office with Cayo (Co-founder, CT) from his small apartment and expanded to Banani in a 5000 sqft office with 50 employees. These 11 dedicated professionals created successful operations of CT not only in Bangladesh but also in Bhutan & Malaysia. These people trained the first 100 students and started bringing tremendous success of the students showing CT the pathway of success. They are the most loved and favorite mentors and were actually responsible for the entire well being and were only concerned with student’s success.

Why resigned?

Good question! Just ask yourself, why and how, 11 core members resigned together at the same time. Something big happened behind the scene :) Maybe the real story won’t come out ever or will not be revealed but smart people must understand that something went wrong and that played the most vital role behind this incident. All members declared personal problem as the reason of leaving. Well, we won’t accuse anyone or any company directly. We will just say, we the mentor team and these 11 members were and are the well wisher of students at all times, we care about our students, we care about the well being of our student’s future. Declaring again, we are FREELANCERS, and we can earn +$5,000 or a hefty amount of money per month easily, so this decision was taken solely to do something real and continuously for the students and their future, for the nation, for the country, NOT FOR MONEY!

Yes now we are doing something good!

Mentors and the whole team of 11 never stopped creating success stories, never stopped creating and changing people’s lives. Since, they found it quiet impossible to continue their journey in CT, they started their own journey with their own given name “SHIKHBE SHOBAI”. Sikhbe Shobai is in the industry not for money, but for enabling the platform to let these 11 people continue their good work of changing people’s life.

CODERSTRUST & SHIKHBE SHOBAI (#শিখবেসবাই), No Confusion!

Surprisingly the confusion has been creating, using marketing banners/contents written “Nokol Hote Sabdhan” etc and some other posts as:

First of all let us clear all confusion: CODERSTRUST & SHIKHBE SHOBAI (#শিখবেসবাই) are two different entities. #শিখবেসবাই is a hashtag (twitter trend) that’s been used by these 11 people all the time in their fb status as they loved teaching and empowering students. #শিখবেসবাই has been used by Rifat M Huq, former Head of Student Operation at Coderstrust, in his personal facebook status.

SHIKHBE SHOBAI is NOT related to Coderstrust. #শিখবেসবাই, a hashtag cannot be owned by a company at all. Shikhbe Shobai is founded by these 11 like-minded, young and motivated individuals with a vision to take freelancing as a career path to 180 million Bangladeshis and to create a community of 10,000 freelancers within 2018. Their mission is to help people learn the on demand skills they need to achieve their full potential and establish a path towards a brighter Digital Bangladesh.

Clarifying again: Below is the intellectual property of Coderstrust as they shared it many times:

Source: CT Facebook Page

Shikhbe Shobai and it’s founders are not using Coderstrusts’ name or brand by any means. They simply do-not want this and they are aware that it is totally illegal to use another company’s name and on top of that these 11 people know very well that this is unethical.

And below, these are the intellectual properties of SHIKHBE SHOBAI:

Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
Success Stories:

So there is no relation and inter-connection between CT & Shikhbe Shobai. These are 2 different organizations and 2 different legal entities.


Remember! We have all legal authorization, validity, clearance and required documentation. From my experience in the last few days, we found some person/company is trying to mark this initiative illegal. That is completely vague. And this is being done to create confusion intentionally.

All employees have processed smooth transition and handed-over everything to Coderstrust and got their clearance issued by CT. Below are the screenshots:

Clearance for Rifat M Huq and his team
Clearance for Shakil & his team

Shikhbe Shobai #শিখবেসবাই is government approved and have proper name clearance documents from city corporation and Bangladesh government. It has it’s own RJSC (Registrar of Join Stock Company) Clearance letter, Trade License and all other valid legal documents.

Shikhbe Shobai #শিখবেসবাই has no ownership of Coderstrust or any other company and solely owned by 11 co-founders only.

Our Goal at Shikhbe Shobai #শিখবেসবাই

At Shikhbe Shobai, we aim to empower youth with the best of professional skills to help individuals develop and nurture their competencies which they want to excel in, in order to get high paid jobs internationally — anywhere in the world. We always keep us ahead of the current and upcoming trends in the job market. All our courses and training are the ones highly in demand in any professional environment all around the world. We believe in constantly updating our courses and training as per the industry needs. Our online and offline learning platform helps anyone learn technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Students can enroll in our courses from anywhere in the world and have access to our wide range of services. Working as a freelancer knows no age limit; having a skill set is enough to start earning from home. With our help you can find the best freelance work opportunities, choose the best assignment for you, maintain good rapport with your customers and clients and build a strong portfolio.

Hope you are not confused any more. Let’s eradicate all confusion and let these 11 people concentrate on their work.

Feel free to contact us if you have any query.


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