Creativity Adda Delhi, August 2019 Newsletter

Manish Jain
Creativity Adda Newsletters
6 min readNov 25, 2019


Highlight of the Month

Langer Sewa at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib !!!

Our slow food junior chefs academy students visited Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and did sewa in kitchen. It was a surprise for them to know that this is the largest regular kitchen which offers food 24 hours by 7 days a week. Akshay, class 8, asked how can we be part of the sewa team. They figured out, there is no need to take anyone’s permission, you can start working your own there. Everyone made chapatis and helped in serving. Sajid was really amazed to see how swiftly the sewa team served the Langer for 600 -700 hundred people at a time. They naturally realized the value of food and supporting each other. A big thank you goes to Taranjeet and Darshleen to create this learning opportunity.


A short video was made by community media lab students on friendship.
Link of the video:-

Learning from Experts !!

Poorva Srivastava, a friend of Adda invited Mr S.S Dogra, a filmmaker, to share his life journey with the students. It was quite inspiring for them. He was really amazed by the dedication and passion for filmmaking the students showed during his interaction.

Our media lab students and students from other hubs had an opportunity to watch a documentary movie, “Behind the Mirror” by Stanzin Dorjai Gya from Ladakh. It was good for them to listen to the experience of the director.


New dishes

Slow food junior chef Sajid, class 10, asked Shashank (facilitator), ‘sabudana vada kya hota hai’ ? Shashank said that he doesn’t know but will find and get back to him. After finding out the recipe, our junior chefs made it practically and also made mouth-watering Indian sweets, milk peda cum ladoo, gulab jamun with using atta instead of maida and yummy rabdi.

Our junior chefs made Potato Toffee which is a Sri Lankan dish. It is sweet in taste but our chefs did the twist by making it tangy and spicy. Akshay led the whole group in the process. On the occasion of Independence Day our junior chefs made Sheer Kurma.

Our Urban Farm is becoming more green. We made farm beds and planted seeds of tomatoes and spinach.


Design studio and maker space students made a wooden name plate for their hub. Manikant, class 6 and Rajan class 9 made toll stand with waste wood.

Anuj is one of the energy machine of ADDA he has lots of ideas and skills. Some times he becomes skaters and share some time in doing experiments/jugaad. Anuj with his repaired hammer made a small storage cabinet at design studio and maker space from old wood.

Our design studio and maker space team was preparing for a Robot war and also learned how to fix DPDT switch and connection of reverse, left and right.


The students were busy with exploring the foundations of music and preparing some new songs. They spent time learning the basics of playing the guitar and the harmonium.

It was nice to hear Anahaita singing Aamir Khusro, Kabir and Meera in a program organized by Bhakti-versity. It was a wonderful opportunity to our music hub members to share the stage in the program. Ishant, class 11th, also got an opportunity to perform with ‘Rising Malang’ band in a program organized by Bhaktiversity at Oxford Bookstore CP.

Our music group got an opportunity to perform in annual event of Kat-katha called kat kalrav on GB Road. The event was geared towards bringing more positive interactions with the prostitute community and celebrate their freedom.

Krishna from Bikaner did an awesome storytelling session and music at Adda. He shared how we can create song and music out of anything. we just have to follow the rhythm coming from inside.

Glass Painting!!! Students were enjoying doing glass painting project with artist Pia Brar.


The members of our Sports Hub are ever keen on deepening their skating skills and learning new tricks and techniques. This month they practiced advanced skating techniques including doing the one leg, camel etc.
Our skaters participated in a skating tournament at Major Dhyan Chand Sports complex at Ashok Vihar. In under 14 categories. Faiz, class 9, received the Gold medal and Nikhil, class 8, received Silver. In 14 plus category, Sakib, class 11, received Silver and Rahul, class 10, received the bronze medal. Our children were the only kids from a government school to participate.

Special Workshops and Events

We organized a Dance Movement Therapy workshop with the facilitators of Creativity Adda to build better teamwork. It was hosted by Shubham Srivastav. The workshop was well received by the facilitators and through movement, music, games, a postive sharing space was created where a lot of dialogue happened between the facilitators and by the end of the workshop there was empathy and deeper listening.

For the children, there was a follow up DMT workshop but because a lot of new children were there the workshop focused on building connection, team building and empathy. Through the whole process, a lot of conflicts came out and the workshop helped the whole group to resolve a lot of issues which they had been facing everyday.

Gender Workshop

A team of gender professionals from Dharampal Satyapal Charitable Trust conducted an 11-hour workshop on ‘Deconstructing Gender: Enhancing Gender sensitivity in Adolescents’ at Creativity Adda with a group of our students. They did various activities, and reflective sessions to understand a variety of themes such as ‘difference between sex and gender’, ‘patriarchy’, ‘intersectionality of multiple identities’, ‘power’, and ‘way forward’. This was achieved through lots of games, theatre, presentations, discussions, and more. This interactive workshop-based course focuses on the lives of students and helps them understand how gender plays an important role in shaping it.

Daryadil Cafe !!

We had an amazing Janamasthmi special Dariyadil cafe with around 90 ppl including parents, friends and students. Our junior chefs served yummy food: Jawar Khichadi, Sabudana Toffey, Shrikhand and tea. There were lots of games and music.