Creativity Adda February & March 2019 Newsletter

The highlight of the month: Natural Holi colour making workshop!!!

To celebrate the Holi festival in style, yet remain eco-friendly, the Creativity Adda kids participated in a workshop on how to make their own natural, organic Holi colours with Shweta Agrawal from UnmuktCreative Centre, Bhuvneshwar. As part of the workshop, the free learners got to know how we can make different colours by using natural ingredients available around us. Back home, the kids shared this newly gained knowledge with family and friends. The rest of March slowed down as the Creativity Adda kids geared up for exams.

Community Media Lab

Our photographers were learning and exploring the effect called panorama. It is a very interesting trick to show a duplicate character in the same picture without Photoshop or any other forms of editing.

Our free learners from the Media Hub also made a soft light box for their studio setup. It will be used for outdoor and indoor fashion shoots.

Design Studio and Maker Space

Tank Alarm!! The new members of our Design and Maker Space were making PCB plate and tank alarm. Through peer-to-peer learning, Vipin was sharing his skills with younger and elder friends. Our Makerspace kids were busy in making different products such as key chain, clock, lamp, dice, etc to put in the farm fest stall.

Repair Cafe!! Maker Space members Sanjeev and Sourabh were repairing a set of speakers which once more showed them that many things can be reused and repaired rather than bought a new and contributing to more waste.

Design Old Clothes!!! Amisha Rai held a special workshop for all of our free learners on how to convert old clothes into new designs. They painted old jean and stitched creative patches on them.

Slow Food Junior Chef Academy

Halwa Week! There are so many variations of halwa out there and our junior chefs explored some of them during Halwa week including Besan Halwa and Lauki Halwa.

Another highlight for the members of the Slow Food Junior Chef Academy was also the opportunity to host a stall at an event called “O Ubbiri” organized by Co-creation. People loved and appreciated the food and efforts of our junior chefs who received valuable and important real-life practice on how to run a small food enterprise

Urban Farm Setup!!! We are setting our urban farm at new space with lot’s of love and care. Akash (6th class) and Faiz (9th class) were happy to do the maintenance of the farm with Shashank.

Sports Hub

We were visited by Devender Bundela, national boxing champion of Punjab. He shared basic skills of boxing and self-defense techniques with the kids. Thanks to Ishwar, one of our MSW interns from Delhi School of Social Work, for creating this opportunity for Creativity Adda.

Arts, Music and Dance Hub

Four members of the Adda’s Change Makers dancing group participated in a workshop at Dance Kabila. Afterward, Raj (in white) was sharing his learnings and new experiences with other friends at Adda.

We had a really wonderful session on how we think and do with Puneet Bhatnagar from Creativity Commandos, Mumbai. Creativity Adda children came up with their creative thoughts which were transformed into a beautiful song about Adda written together by all the participants and composed by Yogesh, Bunty and Ishant.

Special Events

Daryadil Cafés!!!

We organized a fantastic Daryadil Café. More than 80 alternative learners, parents and friends came together to participate in games, dance and play and listen to Adda learners perform live music. Our junior chefs served delicious and healthy cuisine such as moong dal dosa, lemon rice, coconut and green chutney.

Ukti Spring Festival!!! Once again we participated in Ukti Spring festival at Noida. It was an amazing and proud feeling when our very own junior chefs Rihan, Abhinay and Sunny with facilitator Shashank were running a food stall for the full day. They served Moong Dal Raagi Dosa with coconut and green chutney and puff rice Ladoos. People really enjoyed the food and gave lots of encouraging feedback to the chefs. Additionally, our musicians added a sweet flavour to the event with their jamming. Special Thanks to Saloni and Ukti Waldorf School Noida for inviting us.

Edible Routes Foundation Farm Fest!! We had a wonderful experience at Farm Fest where our alternative learners put up stalls for food and Maker Space. The Adda music band’s jamming sessions entertained the audience while members of the Maker Space hosted an upcycling workshop to show others how to reduce waste and make new things out of old, used materials. Thanks to Edible Routes Foundation for inviting us.

The Youth Fest 2069!! A team from Creativity Adda had a great learning experience with the larger network of youth groups at The Youth Fest 2069? at Sardarshar, Rajasthan. As a gathering to strengthen youth leadership, to learn from elders and build deep connections across ecosystems around the country, the Youth Fest 2069? was a space for young people to deep-dive in their social change journey, build shared understanding of challenges and create a collective vision for the future.



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