Journey of the Beetroot

Shilpi Bansal
May 3 · 2 min read

Today I found a White Beetroot , among my harvest of the usual Red Beetroots. I had never seen a White Beetroot before. At first I thought, it is a radish or turnip, left out ,when their whole lot was harvested.But when I tasted it, it tasted just like a regular Red Beetroot! It was actually a White Beetroot!

Was it a new variety of Beetroot ? I had always seen Red Beetroots only, everywhere in the world I had gone! I felt very curious. So I started searching the internet. And I found something very interesting! The article said that, the original variety of Beetroots was White only.By chance,due to some dynamic natural modifications, a Red Beetroot might have emerged.The farmer liked it as he saw a potential of earning money through this new colourful variety. So he saved its seeds and sowed them the next year. So some White and some Red Beetroots emerged. He kept collecting the Red and kept sowing till he could eliminate the White in his produce and generate a big produce of Red Beetroots. Slowly, that variety spread in the market, since it fetched more money. Slowly we forgot the White Beetroot, or it became rare or less cultivated.

But the Red Beetroot seeds, still have a tendency to go back to their original colour, once in a while in some particular Beetroot. White is not a new colour or variety, but its the Red beetroot itself, going back to its original colour!!

Woah! this seemed so incredible to me!

A White Beetroot growing among the Red Beetroots , felt so symbolic of the spiritual transformation of a human being!After one takes birth and comes in touch with the material world, he starts identifying himself with the body and mind. He starts identifying himself with the colour of his skin, colors of the clothes he is wearing, his relations, his sorroundings and situations in life. But still he has the potential and tendency to go back to the original source of his being . A person who has the will and tendency to undergo spiritual transformation, detaches from the material world and is able to remove his identification from mind and body and gets reminded and aware of his real self, his Consciousness. He attains Self Realisation!

What a coincidence that many spiritual Gurus wear white! A colour of peace and purity!

The White Beetroot growing among the Red Beetroots took my imagination to the concepts of Self Realisation and Enlightenment. I am thankful to the White Beetroot and mother nature for this beautiful moment of reflection!

Link of the article about cause of White Beetroots among the Red :'s%20actually%20a%20really%20interesting,rings%20of%20white%20and%20red.


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