Shin & Giselle

September 20th 2014

On this very day, I was fortunately hired to shoot for my first church wedding photo shoot.

The challenge of the shoot came primarily from the restriction of flash usages in the church. Hence, I had to bump up the ISO in order for the shots to be exposed properly.

Also, everything happens simultaneously during a ceremony. Using a slower shutter speed will result in blurry images of the couple when the action begins. So overall how ? Ok-ok lah.

6.00 am:

It was drizzling on that misty morning but the show carries on.

Had to start early in order to shoot the make up and hairstyling session.

Giselle looks pretty satisfied with her hair stylist.

Entire ‘beautifying’ process took approximately 1 hour plus. Seems pretty efficient.

Shin arrives with confidence.


The groom and his fellow brothers came to “pick the bride”. This is a Chinese traditional wedding culture where the groomsmen have to overcome a few obstacles (usually set up by the bridesmaids) before the groom could ultimately take his treasured prize back home.

Groomsmen were forced to find the right ice cube with the right key to the gate!
Left: What is love ? Right: I managed to bite the “wasabi bread” and form a heart-shaped hole.

That is not all.

Groomsmen were required to transfer a raw egg in between their tight jeans
It wasn’t a pretty sight for the kids. Haha.

After an hour filled with crazy games, the bride groom faces the …


Finally Shin gets into the room and collect his bride.

lifting the veil ; kiss ; embrace

In the Church

Part 2

In the Church

After collecting the bride, the couple head towards the church.

Family and friends were present in the church too.
Left: The Priest ; Right: Little Angel

Exchanging Rings

My precious

At the end of the ceremony, everything went smoothly as planned. Wonderful and cheerful couple to work with.

May God bless their happy marriage ☺

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