Bulk Slash

バルクスラッシュ, Baruku Surasshu (BULK SLASH)


Playable characters

  • Cress Dawley (クレス・ドーリー, 19 years old male; v.b. Takehito Koyasu): SDF fighter pilot. Main protagonist of the plot and childhood friend of Reezen Ravia.
  • Reezen Ravia (リーゼン・ラヴィア, 19 years old female; v.b. Yuri Amano): Childhood friend of Cress whose father was executed as war criminal and joined the military group led by Gardona to fight against discrimination of her people on Blau.
  • Leone Rhodes (レオネ・ローデス, 16 years old female; v.b. Miki Nagasawa): SDF soldier and heiress of an elite military family.
  • Lila Hart (リラ・ハート, 18 years old female; v.b. Kyoko Hikami): A popular galactic idol.
  • Metical Flair (メティカル・フレアー, 16 years old female; v.b. Michiko Neya): First child of the royal family on planet Braune.
  • Naira Savage (ナイラ・サベージ, 22 years old female; v.b. Ai Orikasa): SDF officer.
  • Rupiah Rood (ルピア・ルード, 20 years old female, v.b. Naoko Matsui): Descendant from a long line of thieves.
  • Koron Steiner (コロン・スタイナー, 19 years old female; v.b. the late Yuko Mizutani): SDF sergeant. Her voice actress was marked as deceased in mid-2016 (around 19 years after the game’s release) following breast cancer.
  • Kina DiBiase (キナ・デビアス, 12 years old female; v.b. Satomi Koorogi): The last MISS to appear on stage 7 after being cleared with the six heroines described above. The youngest selectable navigator, a girl with green hair tied in pigtails with big glasses. Aboard the Gardual [sic] will dramatically improve the performance of the aircraft.
  • Alois Gardona (アロイス・ガルドナー, age unknown male): Military chief and main antagonist of the story, who plots a coup d’état against their oppressors on Blau to bring power back on the planet.

Development and release



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