Dear (former) Yo-kai Watch fans, you can still watch the anime series on Apple TV

Hi there, Shinkansen Retrogaming reader!

Since there are no plans to rebrand Shinkansen Retrogaming as it has reached its end of life on Medium as it has been months since its final post, I have something for you. Also, face reveal of yours truly!

Update: Shinkansen Retrogaming has been rebranded as Y2K Retrogamer and is now on Substack!

I’m Cory Roberts, better known by the pen name Samurai Cory, an American freelance illustrator and shonen manga artist, and this is one of the first articles on Medium that I show myself (picture above). I’m also the writer of this now-closed Medium publication and the creator of the upcoming Radical Flannel (new name pending) on Tapas. I haven’t got any time to work on it or interact with anyone on social media because I had to help my dad by moving his stuff out of his flat. I was mentioned on Wikipedia a few times, including on TV Tropes and on Reddit when I wrote “Why did Yo-kai Watch failed in North America?” among other posts on Medium.

I have discovered Yo-kai Watch on Apple TV, as you can now experience the Yo-kai Watch anime almost the way it was before the troubled and fanservice times.

It requires:

  • Apple TV 4K as a digital media player;
  • Apple TV+ subscription (optional, may not be available in some countries).

Yo-kai Watch 3’s commercial failure overseas was one of the factors in Level-5 International America closing its doors in October 2020 due to low sales and its parent company focusing solely on the Japanese market without any plans of localizing the fourth game. Though TV Tropes did not name AbdallahSmash (who is a well-known member of the now-closed Yo-kai Watch community) in the said game’s TV Tropes “Trivia” entry, there were only three to four people working on the game’s localization, and they didn’t have too much time to work on it nor they did have a large budget.

Today, Yo-kai Watch 3, Yo-kai Watch Blasters, and Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters are all very rare 3DS games and are sold at high prices in physical form. I used to run a video game community called the Video Game World. That’s over forever. Social networking giants (including their trust and safety officials), along with the administrators/moderators of the forums and/or Discord servers wanted everyone to be nice and respectful.

If you haven’t yet, check out Radical Flannel

… though, it’s not the final name yet.

Kazuya and Ken Kurosawa, identical twin brothers who are criminal masterminds and the leaders of the powerful criminal organization Dark Mondo, with an army at their command predicted that the world would end in the year 2030. After New Year’s Eve 2029, the brothers believed that there was an error preventing the apocalypse, so they decided to correct it by destroying the world themselves. The Interpol, unable to stop the powerful criminal organization on their own, sends an email summoning three brave teenage Kyokushin karateka to stop the Wild Mondo: Daisuke Ninomiya, the trio’s leader with pyrokinetic powers, along with his two lifelong best friends Hikari Kitayama, a red-haired tomboy with electric powers, and Keiji “Yohan” Matsumoto, the chubby heir to his father’s dojo with wind powers.

The series will not provide romance and/or LGBT representation at all as the upcoming series follows the themes of friendship, sibling (or sibling-like) relationships, and martial arts in an urban fantasy setting (though it wasn’t made for being moralistic due to the series being 14+ due to fight scenes involving bad guys and male and female fanservice).

Anyone can teach children how to end sibling rivalry, whether they have a degree in child psychology or not, though I’m not a child expert. Talk to any child expert or child psychologist and you’ll hear some interesting stories.

I’ll let you know when the webcomic is released, but now, here’s a link to the development blog.

Follow me on Twitter (@Samurai_Cory), Instagram (@MrSamuraiCory), Behance (samuraicory), and ArtStation (samuraicory) to see what I’m working on right now before its launch!

Thanks for reading,

Cory Roberts (he/him/straight).

Shinkansen Retrogaming.

Also, I have no plans for Mastodon at all because I hate decentralized social media, and Mastodon is based in Germany. Decentralized social media has security threats and locks the whole concept as the algorithms for them will be very hard and make it less popular.



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