Dreamcast Game #08: Project Justice

燃えろ!ジャスティス学園, Moero! Jasutisu Gakuen, “Burn! Justice Academy”

Toshikazu “Kaneto” Shiozawa

Gameplay and style

Project Justice’s fighting system is lifted from the original Rival Schools, with some notable changes. The game continues to be a team fighter, but has teams of three characters instead of two. This allows another Team-Up attack to be used in a fight, but also adds a new type of attack, the Party-Up, initiated by pressing any three attack buttons. The Party-Up is a three-person attack that varies based on what school the character initiating the attack is from.

  • In Story Mode, players select a portion of story grouped by school and play through a rigid storyline with a limited group of 2 to 6 characters that the player can choose from for each fight. Like the original game, each fight in story mode is accompanied with 2D cut scenes that advance the story. In some stories, the plot will branch out depending on the results of certain fights or decisions made by the player, changing the fights that the player faces. After fighting the boss of the game, an ending for the school’s story is shown.
  • In Free Mode, players select a team of three characters and fight random teams of opponents until getting to fight the boss, similar to selecting two characters from different schools in Rival Schools. After defeating the boss, the player is shown a screen where the game rates the performance of player, and gives them a ranking named after a character from the game.

Characters in Project Justice (JP voices are always surname-first followed by given name)

  • Batsu Ichimonji (v.b. Hiyama Nobuyuki; also appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and the first Project X Zone game, including a cameo appearance with Hinata in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001, assisting Kyosuke during one of his super combos)
  • Hinata Wakaba (v.b. Hanba Tomoe)
  • Kyosuke Kagami (v.b. Jin Kazama from Tekken; referenced by Batsu in the first PXZ game)
  • Hayato Nekketsu (v.b. Yamazaki Takumi)
  • “The Chairperson” (Iinchō in Japan) (v.b. Hikari/Dawn from Pokémon DP)
  • Shoma Sawamura (v.b. Takeshi/Brock from Pokémon)
  • Natsu Ayahara (v.b. Tsunoda Narumi)
  • Roberto Miura (v.b. Dante from Devil May Cry)
  • Akira Kazama (v.b. Tezuka Chiharu)
  • Edge (Eiji Yamada) (v.b. Yamada Yoshiharu)
  • Gan Ishirugi (v.b. Nagasako Takashi)
  • Daigo Kazama (v.b. Otsuka Akio; Yamadera Koichi in the first game)
  • Roy Bromwell (v.b. Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach)
  • Tiffany Lords (v.b. Narahashi Miki)
  • Boman Delgado (v.b. see Gan Ishirugi’s VA)
  • Kyoko Minazuki (v.b. Sailor Moon)
  • Hyo Iwamano (v.b. Shozawa Kaneto; later marked as deceased during the production of Project Justice, which is why Capcom killed the character off.)
  • Hideo Shimazu (v.b. Mizutori Tetsuo; also appeared in the Japan-only game Namco × Capcom for the PS2 before being marked as deceased on July 14, 2010. It is possible that Capcom retired the Hideo Shimazu character from the Justice Gakuen series out of respect for Mizutori.)
  • Ran Hibiki (v.b. Hiramitsu Akiko)
  • Nagare Namikawa (v.b. Juu’nen hayain dayo!)
  • Momo Karuizawa (v.b. Sakuma Rei)
  • Yurika Kirishima (v.b. Han Keiko)
  • Zaki (Aoi Himezaki) (v.b. Orikasa Ai)
  • Kurow Kirishima (v.b. Shimada Bin (Satoshi))



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