How and where to find me post-Medium

Come find me and join the launch of Radical Flannel

I recently announced that I will be leaving the Medium platform. Since publishing that story, there are now growing ways of finding children’s content through avenues that do benefit the children and their parents. Not just Miraculous Ladybug and the Pokémon collection alone (you can still watch the Pokémon anime and the CGI remake of the first film on Netflix if you want if the country you reside in allows them, not just Japan alone), and it seems clear due to the recent events, that there are a lot more avenues in development for online lurkers such as finding a psychiatrist or a therapist. There’s also the Webkinz website that the kids want to enjoy.


I plan to launch Radical Flannel on Tapas, GlobalComix, and Substack between late June and early July. The series originally went under the prototype names Fighter’s Adventure and Radical Sneakerhead Trio. The series is meant to be for teens and up, due to violence (minimal or no blood), male and female fanservice, and infrequent use of foul language. Don’t worry — there will not be LGBT representation at all due to the fact that I’m heterosexual for the rest of my life. (Never mind that my father is a Seventh-day Adventist churchgoer, but not a pastor)

The main characters are done, but the antagonists, worldbuilding, and supporting characters are in progress.

I also have my own Discord server which was described in the prior post, and I use it for communication and sharing updates about the upcoming series including the launch of the series on Tapas. I now post my own content about the upcoming series including favorites lists on Substack (it’s free!).

Don’t worry, this Substack will not be a paid newsletter, as it will be free to read. I do plan to relaunch Patreon and Ko-fi as I am planning to leave the US permanently citing the high crime and divorce rates and the difficulty of raising children in the US and Canada while rent in the US and Canada continued to climb due to the arrogant or unruly landlords kicking people out. I believe that the larger artists need to start focusing on attention to smaller artists so the smaller artists can grow their following before the end of March 2023 deadline due to Nintendo shutting down the 3DS and the Wii U eShops. If you want to learn how to grow your following before the end of March 2023 deadline, click here.

If you still have your copy of Everybody’s Golf for your PS4, Clap Hanz announced the end of all online support for this game. The shutdown of its online servers is set to happen on September 30, 2022, but hey, we will always have Puyo Puyo Tetris (and its sequel) on our Switches and Clap Hanz Golf (Apple Arcade only!) on our iPads.


If you have any questions around the above please pop them in the comments and I’ll add them along with answers.


Cory Roberts




A no-paywall 1980s/1990s pop-culture blog that covers anime, manga, and video games from the past. (no longer active)

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Cory Roberts

Cory Roberts

American freelance illustrator and manga artist who specializes in shonen fighting manga with 1990s/Y2K aesthetics. (He/him, straight)

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