Konami Fighting Game #04: Dragoon Might


  • Tsugumi (v.b. Hiromi Tsuru): The lead heroine. A shrine maiden descended from a tengu. She seeks to collect the Medallion in order to maintain world peace. She fights using a hand-held fan.
  • Kodama (v.b. Hisao Egawa): A ninja who serves the Sanada clan. He is the only playable character who fights barehanded.
  • Tekkamen (v.b. Toshikazu “Kaneto” Shiozawa): A masked ninja who is also a serial killer. He wields a claw on one hand and a crescent-shaped blade on the other.
  • Reggie (v.b. Kazunari Tanaka): A stern-looking underground professional wrestler with a title “Reggie the Black Hole” who wishes to be on the front stage with his younger brother. He wields a jackknife.
  • Layla (v.b. Hiromi Tsuru): A tonfa-wielding female warrior who seeks to save her ill mother. In her ending, her mother is saved.
  • Ryan (v.b. Toshikazu “Kaneto” Shiozawa): A sinful monk who seeks material wealth. He fights using his monk staff. In his ending, he has a huge collection of treasure as a reward as for collecting all the pieces of the Medallion.
  • Yoitora/Suiko (v.b. Hisao Egawa): A gluttonous monk who spends most of his time eating and drinking. He fights using his large prayer beads.
  • Drake (v.b. Kazunari Tanaka): A smug spear-wielding warrior.
  • Sarumaru (v.b. Kazunari Tanaka): The comical leader of a tribe of monkeys living in Monkey Mountain. He wields two large blades which are equipped under his sandals.
  • Jaoh (v.b. Hisao Egawa): A large warrior in dark purple and red armor who wields a bladed yoyo.
  • Zack (v.b. Hiromi Tsuru): A young zweihänder wielding knight.
  • Doguma/Dogma (v.b. Hisao Egawa): The final adversary in the single-player mode. A computer-only character. An evil sorcerer who seeks to rule the world.



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Cory Roberts

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