Sokkō Seitokai: Sonic Council

速攻生徒会 SONIC COUNCIL, そっこうせいとかい, lit. “Haste Student Council”

First, today we pay a tribute to…

Yūko Mizutani

Yūko Mizutani (水谷 優子, also written as “Yuko Mizutani” when the macron is not available, born November 04, 1964 — deceased May 17, 2016)

This Medium post pays a tribute to this Digimon Adventure star as she passed away on this exact date (Japan time, since most of us live in North and South America as Medium is not a Japanese site) in 2016 as a result of breast cancer. Mizutani was 51 years old at the time of her death.

Now, can we move on to the video game review? Okay…

Sokkō Seitokai: Sonic Council (also known as Sonic Council) is a 1998 Sega Saturn fighting game published by Banpresto (gone) and developed by SIMS and Shinseisha (latter of which also gone), released exclusively in Japan. It is based on the martial arts manga series (which involves high school students) by Masashi Ogawa.

This fighting game has very similar game mechanics such as Street Fighter, in which the characters can perform special and super moves. The nine playable characters are:

There’s sadly not much to talk about the game unless you can search it on YouTube, since it’s kind of hard to find information for it unless you use Japanese Wikipedia (if you are on Google Chrome, it will ask you to translate non-English pages for you).

Rest peacefully, Mizutani…

SamuraiCory out.



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