Timeline of SimCity

Will Wright, creator of SimCity and The Sims

SimCity (or SimCity Classic in the Windows version)

SimCity 2000 (PlayStation version shown)

SimCity 3000 (SC3K Unlimited shown)

  • Mortimer Green, financial advisor
  • Maria Montoya, safety advisor (possibly of Spanish descent)
  • Gus Oddman, utilities advisor
  • Randal (sometimes written as “Randall”) Shoop, health, education, and aura advisor (Aura part removed in SimCity Creator)
  • Moe Biehl, transporation advisor
  • Constance Lee, city planner (possibly of Chinese descent, removed in SimCity Creator)
  • Karen Frawl, enviromental advisor
  • North America and Oceania: SimCity 3000 Unlimited
  • Germany: SimCity 3000 Deutschland 🎮
  • South Korea: SimCity 3000 South Korea Edition 🎮
  • UK and Ireland: SimCity 3000 UK Edition 🎮
  • Other countries: SimCity 3000 World Edition 🎮

SimCity 64 (シムシティー64)

SimCity 4 (+ Rush Hour Expansion Pack)

  • Neil Fairbanks, city planner (replaces Constance Lee)
  • Monique Diamond, financial advisor (replaces Mortimer Green)
  • Jonas Sparks, utilities advisor (replaces Gus Oddman, as there is no female utilities advisor)
  • Sam Armstrong, public safety advisor (replaces Maria Montoya)
  • Bettina Dean, health and education advisor (replaces Randal Shoop)
  • Jamil Herd, transportation advisor (replaces Moe Biehl)
  • Camille Meadows, environmental advisor (replaces Karen Frawl)

SimCity DS

SimCity Societies

SimCity Creator (as shown/written in the article) and SimCity DS 2

SimCity Social

SimCity 2013

SimCity: BuildIt



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