CHI 2017 Student Research Competition

Summary: I worked in a team to develop a prototype for research on understanding self-transcendence experience. This project became one of the 8 student projects that were accepted and presented at the 2017 CHI Conference, Student Research Competition.

Despite of the increase in its popularity, research on Self-Transcendence in HCI field is scarce. In this project, our team explored how we could design to understand the ST experience. We focused studying solo travelers because they were previously found to have a high frequency of encountering Self-Transcendence experience.’

an ordinary photo of our team

Our project was accepted and presented at the Student Research Competition held by the CHI conference. CHI is a series of academic conferences that is generally considered “the most prestigious in the field of human–computer interaction” (source).

In the following summer 2017, I continued working on a related research for an upcoming conference. The new paper is currently under review.

Date: November 2016 — January 2017


  • Jason Chen (first author, project manager, and technical writer)
  • Aaron Joya (second author, researcher)
  • Leena Choi (visual designer)

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Welcome to my creative space.

Shin Young (Lucia) Choi

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Design @GEHealthcare. @HCDEUW alumni.

shinyounglucia Sandbox

Welcome to my creative space.

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