Animation production from ground up

snapshot of the film

There’s a difference between “I watched [the film] and I understood it” and “I watched it and I felt it.”

— Babara Mones, The Director of “Fish Out of Water” and Animation Production at the UW’s Animation Research Labs

Fish Out of Water” is my first animation project produced in a year-long Animation Capstone program offered by the University of Washington Animation Research Labs (ARL). After a quarter of digital animation trainings, twenty-one multi-disciplinary students and I produced the film under the Director Barbara Mones.

During the six remaining months, we worked on all aspects of the production pipeline, including scene planning, modeling, digital cinematography, character animation, and rendering. My primary roles in the production was lighting and post-production editing. My secondary roles included, rendering scenes, UV unwrapping props, and putting together a blooper video for Friends and Family Night.

Fish Out of Water selected shot 1
Fish Out of Water selected shot 2

(Edited February 2018) The finished film was screened at the 2015 University of Washington School of Computer Science and Engineering graduation. Two years after, “Fish Out of Water” won an Award of Merit in the 2017 Global Shorts competition. It was also screened and awarded at the 2018 NOIDA International Film Festival in New Dehli, India. I am extremely proud of this film and everyone who worked on it!


  • 2017 Award of Merit — Global Shorts
  • 2018 Honorable Jury Mention for Animation — NOIDA International Film Festival


Date: January 2015 — June 2015

Roles: Lighter, Renderer, and Post-production Editor

Credits: 2014–2015 UW Animation Capstone Production Team

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Welcome to my creative space.

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shinyounglucia Sandbox

Welcome to my creative space.

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