Selected HCDE 451 Projects

In the Winter 2017, I took a course on various types of UX prototyping. Each week, I learned and practiced a new prototyping method through hands-on projects. Here are the selected projects I particularly enjoyed.

2½D Fruit Bowl Laser Cutting

I created a fruit bowl that can be disassembled into pieces so that it can be stored flat, transported, and save space when it is not in use. The purpose of this assignment was to design and build an object that practices aspects of laser cutting. Details on my design process can be read on my Medium.

2½D Fruit Bowl

Zombies, Run!

I created a 60-second video prototype that portrays a scenario-based user case of the “Zombies, Run,” a mobile application that combines running and gamification. More details can be read on my Medium.

“Zombies, Run” storyboard pt. 1
“Zombies, Run” storyboard pt. 2
“Zombies, Run” storyboard pt. 3
Positive feedback from CEO of Six Flags (the Zombies, Run) :-)

Breaking Bad (Habits)

My teammate and I prototyped an app that uses classical conditional to guide its users fix their bad habits. We used 3D Printing, Wireframing, and Wizard of Oz methods to test our concept. Details on our design process can be read on my Medium . (Yes, that’s me in the video.)

Dates: January — March 2017

Credits: Jason Chen (actor “Zombies, Run”), Aaron Joya (actor on “Zombies, Run”), and Kimberly Ha (co-designer and videographer in the “Breaking Bad (Habits)”

shinyounglucia Sandbox

Welcome to my creative space.

Shin Young (Lucia) Choi

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Design @GEHealthcare. @HCDEUW alumni.

shinyounglucia Sandbox

Welcome to my creative space.

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