Goals For Shipharder.com ready, set, go!

In order to be clear on what “success” for a project would look like, it is always good to define goals. 
Just like riding a bike, it is always good to look where you want to head, and this is the equivalent of setting goals for a project that you’re working on.

I’ve been thinking about concrete goals that I want to reach for Shipharder.com recently. It proved hard to just set some goals without thinking about what you’re trying to build first.

I gave it all some serious thinking and found that only after defining what Shipharder.com is, and thinking of which direction it is going I could come to concrete targets.

It only seemed fit to share the outcome of all of this with you in this #tagalong post.

Meet My Definition

First, I wanted to state what Shipharder.com is about in its core. Because for goals to work, it only seems natural to me that you need to define what the vehicle (ergo: the means/product you’re going to work your business with) is. It is the thing you’re using to reach those goals.

Goals for Shipharder.com can only be set after I define what it actually is.
Define what your product is first. Define your vehicle to get moving.

The definition of what Shipharder.com is, looks as follows:

Shipharder.com features mindshaping content on how to build viable products and documents a developer’s efforts on doing so.

What’s The Mission

After you’ve defined what your vehicle is, it is good to define how it is going to operate in order to have a clear understanding of what direction your vehicle will move.

Goals for Shipharder.com need to be defined after I defined what I want it to focus on.
Where do you want to head? What is your mission?

I managed to state the mission for Shipharder.com as follows:

Shipharder.com provides interesting and inspirational content that will guide (digital) product makers to get a mindset to create viable products.

I’ve Set these Goals

For 2019, I’m going to state the following goals for Shipharder.com:

  • 📩 reach 1000 subscribers for the Shipharder.com mailing list
  • 📈 5k monthly visitors that read the Shipharder.com cornerstone blog posts & watch the vlogs
  • 💵 ads income generated by the website: aiming for revenue (any!) and a payout in 2019
  • 📦 at least one side project of mine becoming viable and getting me additional income

These aren’t shocking goals. And I know that shooting for the stars will help you to get bigger than expected goals.

As I’m working on Shipharder.com as a side project, and I am bootstrapping my projects, the success factor for it will be the amount of effort and time that I put in.

Goals for Shipharder.com knowing what you're aiming for
Once you have a definition and a mission, you can aim for your targets

I believe that true satisfaction lies in achieving goals you set for yourself. 
So I set some hard but realistic goals that I will work hard on to achieve.

I just know that it will be satisfying to reach them, but even more important: I’ll enjoy myself in every step of the way of getting there 💪🏻

Code Hard, Ship Harder

Featured Image by Nabil Aiman on Unsplash

Originally published at Shipharder.