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Earn revenue from international shipments of excess baggage and leisure equipment.

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If you are

- a representative of an airline

- working in travel agency

- an independent travel agent

- a travel blogger

- an event organiser

- a person in the company responsible for international shipments

- a sales or marketing person from a travel portal,


You can become an official affiliate partner of Shipitwise.

From Day 1 you can earn a revenue share by using new ancillary service. Create a new user experience.

We are a booking platform for international or long-distance shipping. Travellers can send with us leisure equipment and other belongings around the world. We provide convenient and affordable door-to-door service. Our interface is user friendly. An instant price generator algorithm will place you in a special position.

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Now you are free to start using Shipitwise white-label solution for your business.

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