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Shippify’s role in the 4° Industrial Revolution

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The 4th Industrial Revolution has arrived. Wow! And we, Shippify, went to Seoul to talk about how we are contributing to this new era.

Luis Loaiza, our Co-founder & CTO, came back full of news to share. Check out the ideas that he exchanged — surely will be very insightful for you, as an entrepreneur.

Luis, tell us a little bit about the event. What was it about?

The Korea-LAC Forum was held in Seoul, South Korea. And brought together entrepreneurs, innovators, academy professors, scientists and regulators to discuss trade, investment, social challenges and how our region and Korea can work together to harness the 4th Industrial revolution.

I participated in the plenary session called “The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Digital Economy and E-commerce”, where I had the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with Jin-woo Park, President of Korea Smart Factory Foundation ; Wonki Min, Leading Professor of SUNY; Fabrizio Opertti, Chief of the Trade and Investment Division at IDB and Marcos Vinicius de Souza, Secretary of Innovation and new Businesses of Brazil.

Why, in your opinion, Shippify is one of the companies that are part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Shippify is part of the on demand and digital economy era, given that it uses technology to empower a crowdsourced community of vehicle owners, with time and capacity that is not being used, to solve inefficiency in the supply chain and last mile logistics of businesses in LATAM.

The information revolution gives our society the opportunity to educate global citizens that will create global solutions. Shippify is part of those solutions — that are generating new jobs, connecting people and companies through technology — besides of democratizing the last mile logistics industry in Latin America.

What did you learn from this experience?

I learned a lot from the Korean culture and their economic model; the problems they have solved with education, discipline and industrialization — regardless of the war they had. They create a lot of wealth through corporate groups (also called Chaebol groups) and highly educated society; however, they face the challenge to produce more technological entrepreneurs and find a way to fix the jobs mismatch due to overqualified labor force.

Latin American countries need to take more advantage from trading agreements. We are a rich region in terms of natural resources and talent, that is yet not seized appropriately. We need to show to the world that we can do more with less — is a matter of connecting our talent with the right partners to exchange knowledge, resources and lessons learned.

In the next years, how do you see the role that Shippify plays in the era of The fourth industrial revolution?

I see Shippify as one of the backbones or operating systems of last mile logistics in the region and the world. We are building technology to improve the processes that large companies have in their logistics infrastructure — consequently decreasing cost of living and create more commerce opportunities.

For sure, technologies like 3D printing and IOT will play a significant role by reducing costs and inefficiencies in the supply chain — introducing a new era in e-commerce and connectivity. Shippify, as a technology company, is committed to keep it up with these new tools and platforms.

Shippify would not just be a crowdshipping solution for the last mile delivery service, but a tool-creator that enables effective knowledge gathering from actors (drivers, warehouses, unloading zones, nano-stores, etc ) involved in the logistics process — therefore, leveraging from those creative solutions, that are still dark and hidden, as the source of our own AI answer.

Do you have anything else to add?

In Latin America we need to understand that by investing in technology and STEM driven education we will create much more wealth and progress than just investing in real estate and traditional businesses . The only way to become the “El Dorado” of the world, is by investing in our people and our own tools that shape the future of humanity.


Thanks Luis for taking us to the other side of the planet and teach us how to search for solutions to improve our system, always making it better. ❤

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