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6 min readJul 14, 2016

Have you ever imagined how is it to be a Shipper? Cinthia has much to tell you about it.

Belo Horizonte is the world capital of bars, everyone knows that, but do you know you can have a coffee while you get a tattoo? Oh yeah, this is the ideia of Souless Tattoo & Coffee and at night you can appreciate some good Blues during the happy hour.

We decided to check out the place and have a little chat with Cinthia, she is a Shipper and works with events, massotherapy, rides a skateboard and she is also a mother.

Cinthia, tell us about how you found out about Shippify.

My daughter’s godfather did his wife registration in January, he knew I was coming back to Belo Horizonte, that I’m a talkative person and he said that was something I would like it. But I was working in other projects and I had to delay this plan.

I’m a focus person, never give up on things and with Shippify it wasn’t different. I was sure Shippify would get into my life on the right moment. I kept working with events in the marketing area and I won’t stop doing it. After that I did my registration and now there is more than one month that I’m a Shipper.

We propose a different delivery experience, but how was your first delivery experience?

Guys, it was awesome. My first day was the day! Rush time, raining, friday. Belo Horizonte becomes awesome on these days. But it’s always important to keep the balance, the calmness and focus. You have to focus on what you have to do and the responsability is big. My first delivery was great, but this is how I am, I see each obstacle or difficult situation as an opportunity to learn something good, because there is always a solution.

And I see that clients want to be well treated, they don’t ask just for a shipper, they always ask for more. When we arrive, people always comes with a hello and they wait for a smile, at least. That’s why it’s necessary for you to arrive with a good energy. This is how I’m, how I think, that most of the things we do are connected to our energy. So what you think attracts and defines who you are. Did the car break? Let’s find another way to delivery. There’s always a solution. The important is to finish the task, is to get it done and it must be a score, a beautiful goal.

It’s fundamental that the product arrives intact, perfect. ’Cause I already delivered flowers, wine, chocolates, popsicles. That’s why be calm is so important.

It’s to do more than what is proposed, you get confidence, prestige and those are kindness that we as humans and professionals must have. You are being Shippify’s and the clients’ business card.

Traffic can be stressful, but what do you believe is positive about being on the streets?

I think it’s amazing to talk with people, understanding their needs and bring them their products. I love what I do and that’s why I don’t realize that the traffic can be stressful, once I’m so focused on delivering the products with care. They are like porcelain, like my babies.

So sometimes is better to be calm and deliver the goods the way the person expects. Or sometimes they are not even expecting it, like a flower, for example, that I delivered and had the misson to make it a surprise for a person who was completing 20 years of marriage.

I’m not just a Shipper, I was delivering an emotion, carring 20 years of a relationship.

Look, the woman hugged me, cried, thanked me and I wished her and her husband that they would celebrate golden wedding!

And how do you reconcile the deliveries with the rest of your life, with your children and work?

I have a 11 years old son who had done deliveries with me and I also have a daughter who is already married. I’m able to reconcile because as a mother I have aggrements with them. And I already worked under pressure, we live under pressure. I don’t know if it’s something about me, but I always see a solution for eveything.

I’m in love with Shippify and that’s the secret. There is no point on doing something you don’t like because your life will not move foward, won’t have any pleasure. How are you going to do a delivery with a bad mood?! Don’t accept a task in a bad mood, sad or if you are sick. Just don’t. Accept it with good energy, with joy. It’s you who’s willing to accept it.

It’s a surprise, there is no routine. Every day is something different and every client is different and you need to adapt towards that.

Have you lived a funny situation during a delivery?

A funny thing was the day I was on a hurry and my high heels were bothering me and they got stuck on the clutch, I had to take off the carpet, but the damn carpet was over the clutch, so at the end I was driving with no shoes. It was a shoes on-shoes out situation to get out of the car and a lot of boxes on the trunk!

That’s why I carry an emergency kit with me. And there is no reason to be stressed, I’m a very proactive person, I can’t handle waiting for someone to do something for me, imagine if I were arriving in a place and thinking: “Damn it, who will help me to carry these boxes?” No, you can’t expect other person do something for you, you need to be aware about your task, you accepted it, you need to do it from the start till the end and with mastery, eficiency, fast and show quality.

Just to get to the place, deliver the box and leave, this is not being a Shipper. This is just an ordinary deliveryman, that’s the different about Shippify. And nothing that a smile can’t resolve, it breaks any cold situation, at the end the person is offering you some coffee.

All the photos by: Juan Francisco Torres (He’s also a Shipper :D)

Do you tell other people to become Shippers?

All the time! It’s easy for me to talk to others, it’s something about me. I talk about Shippify to everyone, even with the companies I know.

I think Shippify’s propose is so interesting, so new here in Brazil and this is the trend because today people want confort and confidence. This way prevails the connections, the communication, how you delivery the words to people. You talk to the client and can bring to him the solution he needs.

That’s what I think is the most interesting about being a Shipper.

If you also want to live these experiences you already know, be a Shipper. Check out our website to know how to register and #GetShipDone.