Solution for eCommerce Logistics and Courier Delivery to Last Mile

Last mile delivery and logistics are areas of both special concern and opportunity. If you are a big brand in your industry then you must have lots of courier and parcels that you need to deliver from one place to another place, and some time it got very hectic to manage all the parcels or deliveries at a time.

Order fulfillment refers to various steps involved to receive orders from an online shopping store, process them and deliver it eventually to the end customers. I agree you have worked out really hard to add best products in your online store that will edge out your competitor and establish you as an authority in your niche.

After you do your part then comes the important role of ensuring your product reach the destination on time and it’s the job of third party e-commerce fulfillment service provider. Order fulfillment plays an important role in saving time and reducing cost. The time that could have been spent on packing, processing and shipping the order can now be used to focus on your sales and marketing. Lets transfer that responsibility in correct hands or courier service providers to manage this properly.

Don’t worry Shippo is one-stop solution for all online stores need. Shippo offers to place your order online and the best part is you can track your parcel location and status through their Mobile application. They can customise a logistics solution depending on your needs.

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For bulk deliveries, email us at or call Hotline : 0915 091 6356

Why courier services are important for your business success

Are you in a hunt for courier delivery company that will meet all your business needs? Does your business need door to door or next day delivery services on a regular basis?

Here are some features that you should look for in a courier service if you’re in the market of professional. One of the biggest reasons businesses use courier services is because it positively impacts their bottom line.

- Increase customer satisfaction.

Using a courier service allows businesses to offer fast delivery times for last-minute orders. When you can provide exceptional service for these orders, customers can become increasingly loyal and are more likely to order from you again.

- Never miss a sales opportunity again.

Courier companies deliver around the clock, including weekends, and holidays ( for pickup) , which means businesses can accept orders and guarantee delivery any day of the week. Without a courier company, businesses may lose orders because they can’t fulfill the delivery deadline.

- Employees can focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Some businesses utilize existing staff to make last-minute deliveries, taking them away from their own job tasks. Instead of sending a valuable team member on delivery, it would be more cost-effective to hire a courier company.

- Big shipping companies are expensive.

Big-name shipping companies charge higher rates because all deliveries go through a sorting center for distribution. Courier companies don’t utilize these types of centers, nor do they require a shipping minimum, allowing them to charge less for deliveries.

- Less money spent on training drivers.

Employee training is a significant cost for any business. By using a courier company, businesses don’t have to worry about training drivers or driver retention once a driver is trained.

In addition to warehouses Fulfillment and courier services, Shippo in the Philippines is your local courier service provider.

Last Mile Delivery in the Philippines — Delivers Product To its Final Destination

Last mile delivery is movement of goods from transportation hub to the final delivery destination i.e customer doorstep.The focus of last mile logistics is to deliver items to the end user as fast as possible. It provide retailers an alternative to provides its customer an exceptional service level.

Want to have a warehouse in the Philippines so that your products reaches to your crucial customers always on time? Then, here is a golden opportunity for you as Shippo, Philippines ’s top courier service provider offers a cost effective solution of warehouse to keep your products save and its last mile delivery service will ensure your customer’s product at their doorstep.

Services offered by Shippo includes:

  • Courier Service
  • Outsource Logistics
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment Delivery
  • API solution

Last mile delivery services is something which will help you to make thing smooth related with your business specially which are connected with your shipment and deliveries. That could be a key of your business success as by using third party delivery services you can reduce your storage costs and delivery cost as well by placing your orders in bulk.

Important thing is Shippo will deliver parcel with safe handed also it provide you the option to track the exact location by their very smooth free courier delivery and tracking app.

Shippo Fast and Reliable Delivery Solutions designed for Ecommerce

The growth of e-commerce business has led to increase in the number of goods to be shipped to the customers. Shippo in the Philippines is your easiest way to deliver your e-commerce goods in good condition and on time.

Our affordable rates will ensure that your profit margin is not compromised. We provide dedicated fleets of vehicles and our strong networking will help you in delivering your customer the right product in stipulated time.

We understand the unprecedented growth in e-commerce and have accordingly updated our infrastructure and logistics highly efficient and accessible to small and medium enterprises (SME), We strongly focus on urban cities as customers here are making more online purchase, therefore, demand for last mile delivery is pretty high.

Our Delivery Solutions Designed for Ecommerce

  • End to End solutions. From warehousing to delivery. Transparent Fixed Pricing. Be 100% sure of the rates to offer on your ecommerce sale site without asking for quotes every time.
  • Fast and easy mobile app or web-form delivery request
  • Monthly on credit corporate billing
  • No need for paperwork. Delivery records are captured on your app and web login
  • Request for deliveries in batch and track them all at one go
  • Easy to use web form for bulk upload of deliveries
  • SMS Notification/ call to receiver prior to delivery

Shippo Courier Delivery Highlights

Shippo gets it conveyed at one flat rate. No requirement for confusing separation based delivery charges, conveyance zones and inflexible cut off occasions. Gain access to a huge number of Shippo delivery partners, across the board stage. Submit a conveyance booking and it would be progressively directed to nearby conveyance accomplices best prepared for the task at a cost that is business friendly.

Our Courier Service is most reliable in the Metro Manila, Philippines and excels in below services.

  • Precise online tracking of dispatch.
  • Adequate assets and propelled services for on-time delivery.
  • Computerization of non-delivered item back to the sender.
  • Quick delivery at Flat rates.
  • 24-hour Delivery, Same Day Delivery.

We are going to expand to Cebu and Davao soon!

*Experience with ONLY P50 / 1 waybill for new merchants in first 2 days!

— Only P89 / waybill within Metro Manila.

— FREE failed delivery waybills

— Free COD service. COD transfer: 3 times per week! Mon Wed Fri

— Tracking online 24/7

Shippo — The Master Of Shipping

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