The Secret!

What’s scalar energy? What percentage of globe’s population have the slightest idea about it? Over the last few decades, a historic scientific discovery has been made but gone largely unnoticed because of the secrecy with which it has been held by the knowledgeable few.

The discovery is of a new kind of electromagnetic wave which exist in the vacuum of empty space including one between the atoms of our bodies, the night sky and basically, all empty space.

Interestingly, the waves constitute a kind of infinite energy that can be tapped from its 4- dimensional realm into our 3-dimensional world to provide electricity, power all transport systems and provide healing to almost every disease known to man.

The most important thing to understand about scalar energy/zero point energy or the energy of absolute nothingness is that it existed before the world began. It holds the potential to completely change the world as we know it for the better of mankind and the planet.

Imagine a world of abundance with endless free energy, pollution free and quality affordable healthcare for everyone with actual healing for most ailments without intoxicating our bodies with pharmaceutical chemicals.

Notable, although much of this energy solves most of the world’s problems, it could lead to the destruction of our beautiful planet. This is because it’s already being harnessed in the creation of the most powerful weapons the world has ever seen. An example and the least of them is, ‘Tesla howitzer’ that could bring down a building the size of World Trade Center and it’s being applied to North America to alter climate.

Today, Russia is probably the most advanced in creating these electromagnetic weapons with China following closely.

Moving on. Some of the few significant implications of Scalar energy to mankind include:

Oil wars will be rendered completely unnecessary as there will be endless energy available freely to everyone.

The cure for Aids, Cancer and merely any disease has become possible within a few years of sufficient funding. Now, with scalar energy, everyone will be made and stay healthy and not a few elites.

Mind control on a mass scale has become possible and the machinery to do so is in place in several nations. With Scalar energy, it will be increasingly possible to control the entire humanity in a few dials.

There will also be implications in the realm of both mind control and education as the mind uses these electromagnetic waves in its operations. It will be possible to induce thoughts and feelings even non-locally in target subjects to mentally enslave them, put them into a happy trance or induce sheer fear and panic. On the other hand, it will be possible to learn any subject by “downloading” the knowledge into the human mind. Imagine earning your Ph.D. in months as opposed to years.

To the world…

If the government continues to hold back the secret of free energy from the vacuum, we’ll continue being locked in the direction we’re heading of oil wars, as remaining powers attempt to secure remaining oil reserves for themselves.

In fact, the cost incurred in these wars could have supported the research and development of Scalar energy rendering oil unnecessary. As of now, America is spending billions of dollars a month in Iraq to take over their oil and benefit corporate America.

Question is, shall we keep silence and watch our planet deteriorate to nothingness because of a few selfish demons? Knowledge is power and the first step to conquering the impossible. Share the information and educate the world. #TogetherWeCan #ScalarEnergy #SaveOurPlanet

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