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Viktor Zaunders
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3 min readDec 11, 2020


Under our feet, in the middle of our civilised lives, there they lurk, our friends the fungi. Image Credit

Your bubble, probably contains at least some people. Food becomes people, so all groups are in some way entangled with our food systems.

Perhaps your bubble is the hospital you work in. Maybe it is a local sports team. It could be a choir (perhaps not so likely at this point in time) or maybe you live in co-housing.

All of those have roles to play in the dimension of food. When it comes to schools, hospitals and other public institutions, what may be called anchor-institutions they have a very big role. They feed lots of people.

So for your group, whether large or small? How do your eating habits as a collective interplay with the ecosystems that you exist within? Where are the relationships that help you stay connected and nourished in that place where you are?

Where are your collective roots into your place, your bioregion, your home on this planet?

We’ve been exploring questions like this with Food Shift over the last few years, trying to see where our relationships guide us.

Food Shift — a porous and hazy woods of inquiry into our roles as humans on land and sea.

Now we are super eager to play with this pattern that we are calling Shiro. What if our group had capabilities to act collectively to support our nourishment in a simple way?

What if we could start relating to the land stewards that do exist around us so that what we value can be what they value and so that we are all meeting our needs in a way that is in line with regenerative practices?

Where might one start in this perennial overgrowth of the industrial and extractive food systems that we are all so intertwined with at this point in time?

So many creatures in place, the crust of this planet is juicy with life. Image Credit

We start where we are, somewhere in the woods, looking for a way to start pushing us over to literally greener pastures. We’re looking for and playing with, points of entry to where we can start making our collective choices around food in a way that is: supportive to the life in the soil, help us have healthy waters retained on our lands and see to people getting nourished all the way out from the microbiome of our glorious guts.

We are already working with food cooperatives and buyers clubs which have this at their very core, but what if we can breach those boundaries and have cooperating with food become a part of other groups too. Let’s see where these threads might lead us…

Come play at Food Shift or the Holochain Forum. Let’s see what we as human-mycelium can sporulate together.



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