Quick Review on GoPro Hero Black 5

I recently bought a GoPro Hero Black 5 (GoPro 5 for short) for my mom. It is my first action/small-censor camera I’ve ever purchased since 2009. So, I decided to try out (sorry, mom).

What I really like about GoPro 5 is the 4K video quality and portability. The video is sharp and small enough that I can bring to anywhere and mount on anything, like on my DSLR camera.

While the built-in electronic video stabilizer works alright, I prefer to shoot in 4K and rely on Final Cut Pro’s video stabilizer.

The remote app is actually pretty good but why on earth do I need to log in to GoPro service to use the remote function.

Before my assignment last weekend at PyCon Canada 2016, I accidentally made a 1-foot drop on the camera and it turned out okay.

The audio is very good.

One thing I am totally disappointed is the quality of still image. While it handles tough situation, the photos are usually processed too heavily and so lots of details are lost. The end result is worse than iPhone 6s.

In my opinion, for video blogging, go for it. However, for serious videography and general photography, I won’t recommend GoPro 5. Spend a little more on something like Sony RX100III.

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