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AVE THE SHISHA! (An absurd experiment in a cross-chain meme token)

Welcome. We are the Space Milk Lab team.

Who we are?

We are a team of enthusiasts who came together and decided to create a unique meme product. Anyone who is at least somehow familiar with the cryptocurrency world will understand.

Shisha will not only win your heart, but also show what it means to own a cross-platform meme token in practice. We specialize in different areas of the Internet space. Our goal is not just to “make money”. We aim to take meme culture to the highest level. When memes are able to do deeper and more meaningful things more than huge projects. We want to unite animal lovers and foundations and animal welfare funds with the crypto world to help animals. To keep everyone in step with the times. We plan to launch a game in which you will own a unique “dog” character in the form of NFT and interact with other players. But we will return to this later. We also plan to show that the meme product is not only fading projects that appear and disappear — but to show that this is a really big ecosystem and this is the future. There will be more and more large meme tokens. The time for fiat money is running out. Who knows what meme coin will rule the world tomorrow…

Who is SHISH? — The patron saint of memes.

Why pug?- Do you know such a reckless and insane crumb who knows how and knows a lot about chill?

Who is the SHISH nation?

These are mostly active young people, but also old time-tested pirates who know a lot about chilling. They always know what they want from life, and what they achieve. Together with Shisha, we are moving towards the task at hand.

For the basis of our hero, we see a certain sarcastic hero of our reality. Which moves in its metaverse, demolishing everyone in its path. At this point in time : it’s the Snoop «Moth$rfuck1ng»D-O Double G-G. aka Cozomo de’ Medici.

Our team will donate all percent of team tokens(10%)
CozomoMedici 0xCe90a7949bb78892F159F428D0dC23a8E3584d75
10% of the entire issue, as they will be revealed during the vesting


WE DO NOT PROMOTE SMOKING, AND EVERYTHING WITH THEM! SMOKING is very bad. We are not responsible for all your actions. We only love Shisha, it is our love.

Where did SHISH come from, you ask?

Shish was born on the planet Jupiter, he was not the only dog on Jupiter. But by coincidence, he was the only pug on the planet. He has always been drawn to adventure. He often got into funny situations.


Once an unidentified object flew into the magnetic field of Saturn. It was crushed to bits in the stratosphere of Saturn. And by a very interesting coincidence, it was an old satellite from the planet earth. One detail arrived near the workshop of Shish. He began to search for all the scattered parts all over the planet. It took him a long time to find it. Time you ask? — Yes, time on Jupiter runs quite differently. With difficulty, he assembled the main parts and began to make a radio frequency receiver. One day the weather improved and the crazy hurricane subsided. And the shisha’s receiver worked. He got the signal. It was a signal from the Starlink. And the shisha receiver began to broadcast some strange things. Doge, Shiba, Akita.. It seemed interesting to Shisha that he knew the same names on his planet. But the signal was from another planet. Shiba took to making a screen to see what might be inside. And he made a portal. This portal entered the crypto world. (blockchains world). Shisha also saw a fascinating social network called Twitter. From what I was delighted that there was a real battle in the environment of cryptomemes among dogs on planet Earth, of course, this was a real challenge that our hero from Jupiter could not help but notice. He gathered his team and began to conquer this world!

What did Shish do to take part in the championship race?

- Created his owner rocket
- Created an elite team in the form of a strong community
- Soon Shish plans to launch cross-chain bridges from one blockchain to another. (To freely transgression between worlds)
- Soon Shisha is launching an absurd lottery that won’t leave anyone without a prize!
- Intergalactic game with NFT support
- NFT Hero Secret Boxes (Randomization happens before your eyes)
- Shish will create its own intercontinental platform for launching meme products.
- Euphoric NFT Marketplace
- Shish documentary animated series
- Released version of SHISH coin

Shisha is very closely associated with Jupiter. Shisha has divine blood. One day, the shish course will skyrocket upwards with the lightning power of the god Jupiter, but the thunder will be heard for a very long time. Our history is yet to be seen.

Before returning to Jupiter, Shisha must conquer this world. But the main goal has long been defined. The task is to study the direction of this crypto world and transfer all the peculiar chains to your home planet. Destination Jupiter.

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Project SHISH is a cross-chain meme-based project that uses NFT Artwork to promote animal lovers, artists and protectors animal rights, including those that support animal shelters and shelters for disabled-animals.

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