REVIEW: Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge T2 (LHR)

June 2017

I still had some time to spare and I had read good things about the food here, so I walked about 15 minutes between terminals from the AA Arrivals Lounge in T3 to the Plaza Lounge at T2.


I had access to this lounge through my Priority Pass membership, a benefit from my American Express Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve cards. There are other partnerships that allow entry or you can purchase entry from its website or at the front desk.

This lounge is open until 5pm, and was easy to find and conveniently located just outside of customs, right next to the United / Star Alliance arrivals lounge.

Design & Comfort

The lounge is on the smaller side but is designed to feel like a nice small cafe/bar/restaurant. There’s a separate area just behind the front desk for the paid services — shower, nap, spa.

The Food

You order food and drinks at the bar. There’s a 3 course menu that you can pick and choose from. I decided to just get the savory courses: Caesar Salad, and Chicken Tikka Masala.

The Caesar Salad was quite nice. Some of the chicken was a bit dry but the dressing was nice and bright, and not too heavy.

I really enjoyed the curry. It was a bit on the sweet side (somewhat typical of British curries) but it had good spice and flavor.

The portions are on the smaller side but were perfect for me who just wanted to try it and have a small snack.

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