How to put a fingerprint sensor to a coffin-like box and make it looks neat.

At the beginning, I wanted to make a woodbox with a LED light on the top, but gave it up after when I found it is hard for me to cut a piece of straight wood.

Luckily, I found an abandoned enclosure in the junk shelf with the battery.

So I soldered it to the LED.

And drilled a hole on the cap and screwed it.

It looks like a coffin though. LOL.

Another project used by exactly the same box above for my ICM project in winter show.

I need to put the Arduino board inside of this box and mount the fingerprint sensor on it, while also make it looks neat. So I measure the size of four holes, and laser cut some pieces of woods and acrylic to see which would be good.

The original top

I made different pieces of it so see how to mount the fingerprint sensor to be user-friendly.

I decided to use wood as it looks neat and close to my concept, then I put my Arduino it. I also drill a hole at the side of box so the cable would be able to go through.

And mount the fingerprint sensor on it.

It looks good. I satisfied with it.