The vibe and ambience that we help create on a Sunday morning is vital to be able to welcome people properly into our services.

We want to invite people in well with the environment we create and part of doing that is to really think about the background music we are playing before a service. Our general aim is to play music that is spacious, reflective, anticipatory and at the right volume and feel for people to feel happy to have conversations over it.

Below we have begun to list some of the playlists we have created (or used) as a site that helps us in picking our music. We do aim to check all lyrics before adding tracks, but apologies in advance if anything you deem inappropriate slips through.

note: New tracks are being added regularly so that we don’t get stuck playing the same songs every week.

Let’s do this!

This playlist is commonly used before the meeting and aims to build a sense of anticipation and occasion. The feel is quite upbeat and there are lots of tracks that have quite an indie/pop vibe to them.

Spotify link:

It’s done.

This is our go to after service playlist, although it is a similar feel to the previous playlist the aim is for the tracks to be a little more reflective, but not too low that we bring down the vibe of the service.

Spotify link:

Christmas, yer!

Finding decent Christmas music is hard! We’ve aimed for this playlist to not sound too cheesy, but still keep the Christmas cheer flowing. To keep it acceptable we’ve stuck with predominately Motown music in this one.

Spotify link:

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