SHORT: Looking for a More Scientific Way to Determine which Alcohol is Gluten Free, Man Turns to Roulette Wheel

After spending hours online trying to determine whether or not he could drink bourbon, Al Cahalic of Buffalo, NY found a simpler, more accurate approach to determining the gluten content of hard liquor: a roulette wheel. At first he thought a roulette wheel small enough to carry to the local watering hole would be expensive and difficult to find. “Turns out they sell ones on amazon for like $10,” Cahalic said. This makes it the cheapest gluten sensing device currently on the market. The method it uses is fairly simple; if the ball lands on red, it’s gluten free, if it lands on black, it’s unsafe. “If it lands on green you get to spin again! Those really shake it up,” said Cahalic. With this new, highly technical scientific instrument tucked into his back pocket, he is ready for whatever the bar can throw at him. On most nights, the roulette wheel is 100% more accurate than both gluten sensing devices and the label on the bottle. Cahalic has high hopes for the future of his roulette wheel. “I feel like after a little more field testing I’ll be ready to use it on ‘gluten removed’ beers,” Cahalic said. Thanks to Cahalic’s enterprising solution, scientists are now testing the gluten detecting properties of the Magic Eight Ball.