Minecraft Marketplace, coming to MCPE with the Discovery Update

Over the past eight years, Minecraft has evolved into the game we now know and love. Now there is a new frontier being uncovered: the Minecraft Marketplace. The Minecraft Marketplace will be released on MCPE and Windows 10 in version 1.1: The Discovery Update.

What is the Minecraft Marketplace?

The Minecraft Marketplace is a brand new store for the MCPE and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft that allows the community to sell in-game skins, textures and worlds. Content in the marketplace can be purchased through a new currency that is being introduced, called Minecraft Coins.

Imagiverse’s Relics of the Privateers map, available in the Minecraft Marketplace.

Which versions of Minecraft will be affected?

The Minecraft Marketplace will be available for use with the Windows 10 version and Pocket Edition of Minecraft. Minecraft Java and Xbox versions will not be affected by the Minecraft Marketplace.

Adventurer’s Dream by Noxcrew — featuring unicorns!

How do I buy items on the Minecraft Marketplace?

In order to purchase user-created content on the Minecraft Marketplace, you need to purchase Minecraft coins with real currency. You can purchase Minecraft coins in denominations of 320 for $1.99, 840 for $4.99, and 1,720 for $9.99. Once you have Minecraft coins you can make purchases from the in-game shop. If you aren’t able to purchase any coins, don’t stress! There will eventually be free content available in the store as well and it is possible some paid content will temporarily become free or discounted.

Stone Age texture pack from the Minecraft Marketplace, created by Polymaps.

Who will be creating content for the Minecraft Marketplace?

Mojang has nine community creators who will be creating the initial content for the Minecraft Marketplace — Blockception, Sphax, Razzleberry Fox, Qwertyuiopthepie, Noxcrew, Polymaps, Imagiverse, Blockworks, and Eneija Silverleaf. Beyond these creators, an individual or team will need to have a registered business to be able to submit content to the marketplace.

How will the Minecraft Marketplace affect servers?

We’re glad you asked! We have written a full article explaining the impact at: How the Minecraft Marketplace affects your server

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