13 Unique Costumes to Dress Your Dog in This Halloween

Plan to dress up your pup this Halloween? You’re not alone.

This year, the National Retail Federation estimates that a whopping 28 million consumers will dress up their pet this holiday. ’Tis the season for dressing Fido like a big, goofy gourd — as ten percent of the pet lovers surveyed plan to dress their animal in a pumpkin costume. *cue the aww*

But what about everyone else? Of all of the pet costumes available online and in stores, owners have agreed on a few favorites. The top pet costumes for this year’s Halloween, include: pumpkins, hot dogs, lions, bumble bees, devils, ghosts and more.

Don’t want to dress up your dog in a basic costume? We get that. All you need is a little creativity to design an Instagram-worthy costume for your pup — and we’re here to help!

Need inspiration? Here are 13 dogs in unique Halloween costumes…that totally don’t hate their owners.

1. Vampire

He might not suck your blood, but he’s definitely interested in your pizza.

2. Furry Cowboy

You can’t take the country out of this pupper — that’s for sure!

3. Sassy Witch

She’s not a regular witch, she’s a cool witch.

4. Lobster

For those pets from down under…or at least the ones not afraid of bath time!

5. Delivery Driver

He’s a male pug dressed as a MAIL PUG…get it?

6. Sidekick

He’s your sidekick already. You dress like Batman and he can be your Robin.

7. Hippie

Is your dog super mellow? Let him go with the flow this Halloween and pretend its 1970 again.

8. Lady Bug

Ugh, no words. So cute.

9. Minion

Oh dear.

10. Harry Potter

For the nerdy pup who loves to read.

11. Beanie Baby

So sweet. So nostalgic. Just create a tag out of construction paper!

12. Sriracha Sauce

Originality is key with this one.

13. Crocodile

Crikey, what a good boy!

Join in on the Halloween fun. Try out one of these pup-tastic creations — and maybe you’ll go viral. If your pup has the patience and doesn’t mind the extra attention — go for it! If your pet is shy or sensitive? It’s probably not a great idea…just get him a Halloween treat and call it a day.

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