Hiking Shoe you can run in?

High Beam shoes new Half-breed Hiking Shoe

High Beam Shoes Light Hiking Boot

At High Beam Shoes, we are always looking to raise the bar. Striving to be different, innovative, fun and useful. We decided to Cross overs running and a hiking shoe (We have the time). The result speaks for itself. Introducing the new shoe that takes adventure to a whole new level.

Why would you want to run in a hiking shoe? I don’t know…Bears?

Its an athletic-inspired answer to current trends in hiking shoes. They are lightweight,and have just enough color pop, and aren’t too minimal. They fit and feel like a stable trail runner, but the mid-cuff puts them squarely in the “light hiker” category. Think of a sturdy running shoe, with a stiff last, high collar, and burly outsole.

The outsole has deep lugs with a soft rubber against the ground, found to be highly slip resistant in all conditions. Plus, of course, the High Beams patented, remote controlled, lighting system. At High Beams we believe that any shoes will get you there…Our lights bring you home.

The new innovation puts an end to watching the sun, and worrying you wont have time to make it back before dark. The new Half-breeds will be available in July 2016.

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