Hunting Game Changers

New Concept Hunting Boots from High Beam Shoes

Hunting Boots from High Beam Shoes

Hunting Boot with Super Bright UV Lights for Tracking

April 13 2016

Newest innovation in wearable tech.

The new hunting boots are more than just a concept, they are slated for release to the public July 2016. The design is a rugged remote control light system that includes a red, green, white and the UV. Each one is precisely angled to give maximum benefit for its use. For example, the green light is mostly used for reading maps, so it has a super wide disbursement pattern, allowing the light to shine up. The innovative design is a real game changer for outdoorsmen. The UV light uses the latest LED tech. The system is designed to highlight animal markings yards away. Blood urine and feces glow bright, allow hunters to track, and keep track of game, without unneeded exposure.

Sink your feet into the comfortable features of the High Beam Hunter Series Waterproof 400g field hunting boot. With a classic camouflage print. Features a durable construction, combining a waterproof membrane and moisture management lining for a dry, comfortable fit. Stay stable on rugged terrain with the boot’s Non Slip camo outsole. Special UV lights. OVER 200 Lumens, makes animal urine, feces and blood glow bright! Ultra Bright Red, Green, and White Lights.


  • Camouflage print
  • Waterproof construction along with moisture management lining for comfort
  • 400 grams of Insulation provides warmth in harsh, cold conditions
  • Non Slip sole for durable traction control on rugged, tough environments”
  • *UV Lights
  • *Red Light
  • *Green Light
  • 2-42 Lumen white light*
  • Remote Control
  • Rechargeable

*Red Light:

Won’t hinder the eye’s night vision. Best for stealth operations. Astronomers have been using red lights for years to read charts and adjust instruments in the dark without losing their adaptation to the dark environment. Night adapted eyes are critical in astronomy since they will be more sensitive to light in the telescope and see more or brighter objects.

*Green Light:

Offers the highest visibility. Very good general purpose color. Best for map reading. They are good for stealth operations where you don’t want to be spotted by night vision equipment.

  • UV Light:

The UV lights are the latest in LED Technology. Super bright, so bright they easily illuminate animal feces, blood and urine yards away.

New Hunting Boots from high beam shoes. wearable tech.

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