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April 13 1016

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High Beam Shoes has really shown up in the US market over the last year, and their Kids line of shoes were included in International Business Times last year. The High Beam “Mood Lights” version of running shoe, Permanently takes them off of the “Kids novelty” list. The mood light shoe is one of the best riding, all-around road shoes I’ve run in — it’s similar in application to something like a New Balance Zante, but I feel it has an even better overall package and ride.

High Beams takes a stunning shoe, that is a lite, smooth, solid shoe and adds their signature headlights. Since Most runners and even bikers exercise in the twilight hours, either before work or after, the super powered headlight system makes sense. Far from a novelty, these lights are low profile and sleek. Then they added 3, flat LED diodes in the back so that rearward traffic can easily see you. A great addition to an already Slamming running shoe. The new High Beams Running shoe sits right in between the Distance and Race in almost every category.

Back Lights for Safety

The “Mood light” system includes a key fob remote and is pre-programed with 4 headlight colors. The team at High Beams has done their homework. Each color is specifically designed to psychologically motivate. Blue is the color that most suppresses appetite, and Red inspires passion. All in pastels and super bright, you can choose what color motivates you the most. (Each One has its merits) Red, Blue, Green and White.More on the specifics below.


Price: $80.00

Weight: ~209 grams/7.4 oz (Avg)

Stack Height: 21mm Heel/16mm Forefoot; 5mm drop

  • Patented High Powered Headlights
  • High and Low beam feature
  • Remote Control Key Fob
  • 4 “Mood Light” Choices. Red, Blue, Green, White
  • Rear “Running Lights”


All that said, the New High Beam Running Shoe is a winner. It hits all the marks; Serious shoe/ Unique/looks great/ Utility/, and just a great shoe with cutting edge wearable tech. The Mood light shoe release is projected for July 2016. For now, put it on your list of must haves for this year.

There have been many studies on how color effects mood, emotion and even appetite, but did you know that the right colors can help you get motivated and stay motivated? We call them “Mood Lights”, but they are much more than that. We used the latest psychological studies on the effects of colors, to create the perfect shoe for you. Wether your running, biking or just going for a walk, Mood lights have you covered with the handy, Key Fob Remote you can choose from 4 different motivational colors.

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