Coffee Controversy

Coffee is universal. Everyone everywhere drinks this delicious form of caffeine. Not only does it taste great, but it also turns grouchy workers into elated and well-rested employees and students. So how do certain coffee places stand out?

Although Starbucks is one of the greatest coffee shops ever known, they still do things to represent themselves. One of their best ideas was the invention of their holiday red cup.

As the holiday season starts to creep up, Starbucks changes out their regular hot coffee cup for a more festive design: bright red. People wait for this moment and anticipate its return. One it is switched out, this cup starts to pop up everywhere… Twitter, Facebook, the subway, in people’s cars, on classmates’ desks. There is no escaping the joy this holiday cup brings.

What made this red cup so popular? Why do people anticipate its return with such excitement? This is no ordinary cup. This cup is now a cultural icon. This cup has paved the way for the past 17 Starbucks holiday seasons with a variety of hand-crafted, creative designs. Starbucks picks a different theme every season and interacts with people to get them excited.

Unfortunately this season, the red cups created quite a disturbance in the community. Religious people reach out to Starbucks and the public to chastise these cups and announce their disapproval for the only red color cups. People wondered why these cups represented Christmas instead of any other or all holidays.

However, Starbucks simply stated that these cups are meant to bring joy and the red color was to represent the theme “Let there be bright,” not Christmas. It was to include everyone in the excitement of the holiday season, not to exclude anyone from the fun.

Keep up the great work Starbucks! My vanilla lattes and dry cappuccinos taste wonderful in these festive, cozy cups.

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