Maroon Shuttle departs from drop-off location at ASU Downtown Campus.

Being one of the biggest public universities in the country comes with its bonuses, but one that may not fall into that category is having to travel from campus to campus. For many students having class on more than one campus in a day is a reality, and it may not be realistic to drive or take public transportation to and from the various campuses. So, Arizona State University saved the day by offering shuttles that transport students, faculty, and staff between the West, Polytechnic, Tempe, Downtown, and Scottsdale Mayo Clinic campuses. The various shuttles are even equipped with Wi-Fi, giving students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to do work while on the shuttles.

Along with offering Wi-Fi, ASU shuttle also offer things such as wheelchair accessibility, bicycle accommodation, and a range of pick-up times at various stops on the campuses. Most recently ASU Parking and Transit Services decided to start up a twitter account made to inform students about wait times, accidents, or anything they would need to know if they were planning on catching a ride on one of the shuttles. ASU PTS uses the handle @asu2asushuttles to tweet out things like “Maroon is late 15 to west campus” and even goes a step further to answer questions students may have about the shuttle buses.

The last interesting more recent aspect that ASU Parking and Transit has added to the shuttle service is the new double decker buses. As a freshman and sophomore commuting from the Tempe campus to the ASU campus one thing that I always noticed was how quickly the shuttle would fill up. For many students, this was the only way they traveled between campuses, so naturally getting a spot on the 8 A.M. shuttle was going to be a difficult task if you weren’t at the stop early enough. To try and combat this issue ASU decided to incorporate double decker buses. The buses have essentially two stories and fit double the number of students, faculty, and staff that a regular single shuttle fits. At the end of the day, a lot of these extras don’t matter to students, many of them are just happy the shuttles are equipped with a hard blowing air conditioning,