New Life at Cronkite

Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Downtown Phoenix

Established in 1941, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the 24 independent schools at Arizona State University and is named in honor of veteran broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite.

The school is located at the downtown Phoenix campus and offers programs leading to a bachelor of arts in journalism and mass communication, master of mass communication and a newly implemented masters program in sports journalism.

Notable faculty at the Cronkite School are retired Washington Post editor Leonard Downie Jr., Pulitzer-Prize winning data journalist and former Miami Herald reporter Steve Doig, and Eric Newton, former executive of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

In 1981, the Cronkite School began to offer masters programs to its students and now 36 years later, the school enrolls about 1,700 students. One of them being myself.

Now in my second semester of the masters program in sports journalism, I’ve been presented with a number of brand new experiences. The first of them being, living in a new place — 2,000 miles away from home.

The warm and sunny climate of Arizona has been a welcoming embrace since moving here seven months ago. Far from the mild winters and late blooming springs of the Mid-Atlantic — northern Maryland to be exact.

Aside from moving to a brand new place where I knew absolutely nobody, I’ve had the opportunity to extend my studies in a program that has so much to offer in a field that I’m both curious and passionate about.

First semester of graduate school greeted my talented cohort and myself with early mornings, constant deadlines, frequent confusion, and a few mental breakdowns — none suffered by me thankfully.

While the things that I’ve learned thus far have already become invaluable and worth the frightening amount of loans, the relationships I’ve been able to create have been most rewarding. Not to mention, the many beautiful places that you can visit which are rare finds on the east coast.

Even though I may have never had the chance to meet Walter Cronkite himself, plans to attend the Cronkite School and create new experiences have already been more than worth while.