Behind The Scenes : Saturday May 7th, 2016

As I continue to work at and grow my business, I am setting more goals and learning a lot about where I want to take things in the future (if I’m so lucky to do so), but what I find I really love is getting to know the brides and grooms that I work with on a personal level. I never tire of hearing their stories and getting the opportunity to build the relationships that will hopefully extend beyond a few emails and a long, sometimes hot or rainy day.

Most of my blog posts are happy, gushy recants of my time spent with two people in love. Spoiler alert, this one is going to be no different because it’s for Derek and Carrie and if you checked out their engagement session post, you’ll know that they have earned a special place in my heart.

Carrie has a warm and bubbly personality that shines through from the moment you meet her, but Derek on the other hand is a little more reserved and I am pretty sure he’s not a huge fan of having his photo taken. He is very friendly, but quiet and when a person is quiet it always gets me thinking and wondering what the dynamic of the relationship is like behind closed doors. Are they always that quiet or are they just shy or a little more tame when they are around strangers and put on the spot?

Part of the reason I love to take more candid-type photos, is I get to capture the couples I work with when they have let their guard down and they are relaxed, just sharing a moment or joking around with their partner and they’ve forgotten about the camera and the crowd of people all focused on them.

I can’t always hear what’s said (and I’m grateful for that, some things should be just for the couple), but I loved seeing Derek tease Carrie, or say something that would make her laugh her big, infectious laugh. It gave me a glimpse of their love and their life below the surface of our more formal interactions. These two have a lot of fun together and I’ve said it before, when they look at one another, there’s something very honest and sincere that radiates from within, it’s really very sweet and I was gratified to see it.

All-in-all, this was a great day spent with a group of wonderful people (including my second shooter Roman of Roman Hidalgo Photography), who I wish nothing but a world of happiness. Now on to the photos!

Ps. Can we talk about how Carrie and I met in a back alley so that I could give her the thumb drive of their photos? ‘Shady deals’….man I love this couple! :)