Steve & Sarah : Saturday June 3, 2017

What is your style? Country, vintage, city…..circus? Now I know what you are thinking (probably what Sarah’s mom was thinking when she first heard the news), but there were no clowns on stilts or live animals jumping through fiery hoops at this wedding. The decor was tasteful with just the right mix of elegance, fun, and light-heartedness (very much a reflection of the couple themselves). And honestly, who doesn’t love a gourmet Pogo, nacho bar, popcorn, and LOTS of candy?!

The day as a whole was very sweet with a loving bridal party and family, and beautiful warm weather. A moment that stands out for me though, was Steve & Sarah’s first look. With white balloons, Sarah crossed a bridge to meet Steve who was anxiously waiting to see his bride-to-be. Releasing the balloons into the wind, Sarah was revealed and while we couldn’t hear the quiet moment they shared, we could see smiles and Sarah informed the onlookers that ‘he likes it’!

The ceremony is always special, but I was also happy to steal the newly married couple for a few quiet moments at sunset on the tracks at the old train station in St. Thomas. We were able to get some beautiful intimate photos, and it gave them a few minutes to settle in as husband and wife before the party really got started! :)

After hearing about the details, I couldn’t wait for this wedding and it did not disappoint! Congrats Steve & Sarah, your circus-themed wedding was a hit! Now on to the photos.