Why you should outsource your OTT technology providers, not build it yourself

Clara Nafria
Aug 8 · 4 min read

Digital TV Europe’s 2018 annual survey found that 84.9% of respondents would choose to outsource all or parts of their OTT build and management to a platform provider.

If you’re thinking of building an OTT service but you’re still on the fence about developing some services in-house or outsource them, we can help! We’ve outlined five reasons we believe outsourcing and relying on SaaS providers to be the best option for both big and small new market players.


Building OTT technology in-house requires considerable up-front investment. Implementing technical infrastructure and hiring experienced teams, that are capable of building and managing specific OTT platforms, will burden even the healthiest balance sheet. The setup costs alone represent a good chunk of capital that could be better used for content production and marketing.

Outsourcing the build of, for instance, social chat capabilities to a proven software technology provider, like Shootr, is the most cost-efficient way to create a video streaming service. Providers like us already have the tech and professional teams in place to help you build and launch your OTT tools for a more manageable fixed or flexible fee. You’re certain to see a much quicker return on investment.


Setting up an OTT service from scratch isn’t just costly, it’s also time intensive. It can take weeks or even months to put the tech in place and build your teams.

Speed to market should be a priority, especially if you need to start recouping some of the initial in-house investment costs. Rushing to launch a new service or tool, however, means you risk releasing a sub-par service that’s not been effectively tried or tested. And although subscribers will sign up, they may not return.

Outsourcing to an experienced service provider relieves a lot of the time pressure. With their existing tech and support, you’re guaranteed a much quicker time to market, enabling you to focus your time and capital on launch and marketing efforts.


The cost of running and maintaining an in-house service can be high. And over time you’ll also need to invest more capital to cover development costs. That means leaving enough in the kitty for necessary service changes, updates or new features based on your user feedback and behaviour.

Outsourcing your OTT social software build to an experienced provider means this is all taken care of as part of a fixed setup fee. You’re also guaranteed a tried and tested service that’s market proven.


It requires experienced teams to build and maintain a service as well as trained customer support agents to keep your subscribers happy and engaged. Good customer care, in particular, is essential as it builds trust and loyalty, which ultimately reduces churn and can even encourage customers to make additional purchases, such as package upgrades, later on.

As a full end-to-end chat provider, Shootr offers more than just the tech. We give our partners all the support they need to set up and maintain a great service.


An experienced team will help you build a strong product alongside give you a greater understanding of the industry and market. And as your service expands, your team will also need to. Building a team of specialized engineers come at a cost, whether you do so in-house or outsource to multiple service providers.

One experience provider will already have the teams in place. Shootr, for example, has over six years experience operating direct-to-consumer businesses in Europe. Because of this, we have close relations and a deep understanding of the TV and broadcasting industry and consumers. We also use data generated by our analytics platform to ensure the continuous and rapid development of all our partner’s services.

You can find out more about Shootr’s services and Superchat solution here and read more of our references. Get updates on our latest news and blog posts.

Source: MaginePro


At Shootr, we thrive to revolutionize the way your audience interacts with content.

Clara Nafria

Written by

Shootr’s Marketing & Communications Manager



At Shootr, we thrive to revolutionize the way your audience interacts with content.

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