Why we want more app developers to tell their stories

When I started in my role at Shopify as a content marketer for the apps team, my initial focus was learning as much as possible about the people I would be building content for. I had coffee and webcam chats with Shopify app developers based all over the world, who were building vastly different apps and managing their app businesses in very different ways.

What I learned in meeting developers, was not only did members of the Shopify dev community come from all walks of life, they also had very unique and fascinating stories of how and why they became Shopify app developers.

One commonality, was the passion, agility, and drive they all shared. No one developer’s story was like the last, and many faced unique and interesting challenges that they were happy to discuss with other members of the community.

So how does the app ecosystem as a whole, benefit from individual stories?

The beautiful thing about the commerce space is that there’s always new shops, technologies, and consumer needs that are popping-up and causing disruption. Instead of fighting for a piece of the pie, through collaboration and sharing, our community keeps growing the pie together.

So how do you get in on the pie-fest, and submit own app story?

Send us an email at appdevcommunity@shopify.com. From there, I’ll share the submission form which you can fill-out in ten quick minutes, sharing your experience and advice as a member of the Shopify App Developer community.

Can’t wait to hear and share your stories!