7 Tips for submitting Shopify job requests that experts love

Jonathan Kennedy
Feb 11, 2017 · 4 min read

Fact: A well-thought our Shopify project description on an outsourcing platform (like Storetasker) dramatically increases the chances of the project attracting the best experts and being seen through to completion.

We understand that a typical Shopify store owner may not have the technical skills or experience to describe what is needed for the Shopify project, but the store owner is in the best position to describe their business goals and ideal outcomes. Let’s take your through a few things that will make your Shopify project desription stand out..

The main reason for projects not being claimed/picked up on Storetasker is due to a lack of real effort on the submitter’s side, in our case, we’re talking about store owners. Experts on our Storetasker platform are great and very helpful, in fact they are the best of the best, and we chose them based on a very specific set of criteria, but they are also in business and want to protect their time (and sanity). Makes sense right?

A poorly thought out/written description often leads to missed expectations and less than ideal outcomes, no matter how great the expert is. It’s little surprise that experts try to avoid getting themselves into situations where expectations are harder to set.

Storetasker is here to help you complete small Shopify projects successfully, so we put together this list of things to think about and consider before submitting a job request. These tips will help your job request get assessed faster and more importantly, they will help you increase your chances of completing jobs successfully.

Working with thousands of Shopify stores on thousands of small jobs at HeyCarson, and now Storetasker, has given us an overview on how store owners can improve their approach to working with experts, and vice versa.

This is what we learned: excellent communication both ways is the key to finishing jobs successfully.

Initial job descriptions (or briefs) are an expression of this communication, and are as crucial as the execution of the project itself.

Actually, your description might even be more important since it’s the first impression that will either attract developers and designers to work for you or scare them away.

If you don’t make an effort and spend some time into crafting a useful job brief, you’ll lose time and money. Put the odds on your side by spending a little more time to craft an excellent description.

The approach: start from the end results and then reverse-engineer the route

When outsourcing a Shopify job/project, your work should start from the very end, the end point you’d want to reach, and then move backwards to figure out what you would need to get there.

Think of this example: I want to build a large mailing list to reach out to people and sell my vintage heavy metal LPs. What would I need to achieve that? A page where people could add their email address and be automatically added to a list that I can manage as I like.

The 7 things that should be included and/or considered in your job request description:

  1. Describe what your company sells, who is your target audience/user? This helps the expert establish context quickly
  2. Describe the problem you’re trying to solve or what you’re trying to accomplish. If you know what needs to be done you can describe this in steps. If you’re unsure how the job needs to get done technically, you can simply describe the desired outcome.
  3. Budget range. This is very useful. Expect to receive an estimate based on a rate of $65/hour
  4. Timeframe to get the job finished.
  5. If you have design considerations or a preferred aesthetic. Use examples of other sites if you can.
  6. Use screenshots or video screenshares with annotations if possible. Visual aids can really help describe a job clearly and it also forces you to think through your priorities.
  7. Success criteria. Provide context to what the end result will help you achieve with your business. ie. Increase conversions, improve brand awareness, get more email signups.

If the description process is intimidating to you, you can select the ‘’consultation’’ category and describe your problem. An expert can walk you through a roadmapping process to establish a clear course of action for you to accomplish your goals. This can usually be done in one or two hours for $65-$130. Time and money well spent.

So sit down, pour yourself a coffee, a nice glass of wine, or cold pressed juice if that’s your thing, and follow the tips above, knowing you’re not wasting time over a bunch of words for the expert to unravel, but rather you’re increasing the chance for your project to be great.

Storetasker vets the best experts and provides a great workflow process for merchants, but in the end, we’re connecting real people. Fostering excellent communication through the process is our number top priority.

Now go and craft that job request!


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Get more done with a Shopify Expert

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